Dazzle Dry arrives in Australia

An American success story, the toxin-free, vegan nail polish Dazzle Dry finally touches down in Australia.

The nails of the beauty obsessed around the globe have long been fans of Dazzle Dry and with an increase in client requests for organic, natural and non-toxic products; Karen Cox saw an opportunity for the brand to find a home in Australia.

“A former beauty salon and spa owner, I was born and raised in Manly but had lived in the USA for 17 years, working as an expat at the Australian Embassy in Washington DC for 10 years.

“An old client introduced me to the range and instantly I thought it was amazing! Beauty editors who trialled it confirmed my initial reaction and I believed I had found a truly great product,” says distributor Karen who loathed the damage other brands had done to her nails, including their toxic ingredients such as endocrine disruptor, and cholinesterase inhibitor, TPHP.

Dazzle Dry STORYFinalising the distribution agreement for Australia and New Zealand six months ago, Dazzle Dry is known for its ‘air rock-hard dry in 5 minutes’, extensive colour range, staying power and ability to deliver stronger, healthier nails over time — offering a full line of nail polish colours, a topcoat and a base coat.

“I believe no other polish on the market can match it. I deal directly with the chemist, Vivian Valenty of Valenty Cosmetics who owns the international patent, and had spent 10 years developing Dazzle Dry. It’s now in all the top US spas, nail bars, health retreats and airport spas in the USA,” Karen says.

Dazzle Dry claims to be a 7-14 day manicure, depending on factors like nail preparation, type of nails, application quality and lifestyle, and focuses on a clientele who care about wellness — seeing great success in high-end spas across the US.

“There are so many ways salons, spas and clinics can be more profitable and safer using Dazzle Dry,” explains Karen.

“Therapists don’t need UV lights, there is no soaking-off with toxic acetone, no scratching and filing nails to remove previous polish. Now women at any age can have a healthy polish that saves them time and leaves them happier.”

Dazzle Dry contains no formaldehyde, no DBP, no toluene, no camphor, and no TPHP.


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