Sumita Cosmetics launches in Australia

Taking eye and brow artistry to new heights, where quality and expertise reign supreme, Ashleigh Sharman says G’Day to Sumita Cosmetics!

Thanks to Instagram and that social media hyped Kardashian clan, eyes and brows have never had so much attention with product and service requests by clients at an all-time high.

And it’s a trend, turned opportunity, for Bodyography Director Rob Tamburro who has spent the past year looking for just the right product range to service his savvy clientele.

“I’ve been on the lookout for a quality and superior brow range for over 12 months!”

“The brow category has exploded in Australia and I believe we have only seen the beginning of something huge,” he says.

But it wasn’t until Rob visited Cosmoprof Las Vegas in June 2015 that he discovered Sumita Cosmetics — a Los Angeles-based collection of high-performing eye and brow products, born in the professional sector of the industry.

“Straight away it ticked all of the boxes in what I was searching for in a brow range,” explains Rob.

“The brow category has exploded in Australia and has been the biggest growth category for the past two years. Each week we meet new brow specialists and we are seeing brow speciality stores and kiosks popping up all over the country.

“There is only a handful of brands presently in Australia focusing on brows and I believe with our expertise with Bodyography, and understanding the market, we will be able to build Sumita Cosmetics to be a leading eye and brow cosmetics brand in Australia.

Sumita Cosmetics STORY 4Developed by Sumita Batra, an expert in eye and brow artistry for over 25 years and artist to the stars (including Naomi Campbell, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, Madonna and Jennifer Aniston), Rob is confident the brand will tie in with the already successful Bodyography range, with feedback already suggesting it’s a hit with clients.

“The reaction has been amazing! The feedback on the quality of the product and to the packaging has all been really positive.

“A lot of time has been placed into the marketing of Sumita with Video screen installed in most display stands. This will really provide a visual stimulation for clients in any store, and most of all grab their attention.

Sumita Cosmetics STORY 3“One of the great things about Sumita Cosmetics is there are only 35 SKUs in the range, meaning even to stock the whole range it is very affordable to get started.

“We also have displays focusing on just the eyes or brows, and all displays come with a video player in built,” says Rob adding the brand’s cult Brow Wax, Brow Concealer, Brow Highlighter and Brow Bronzer are must-haves for all brow services.

Whether it is a quick brow touch up, exotic eye makeup for a night out, or a fresh new look, Sumita Cosmetics exists to deliver your clients’ eyes and Sumita Cosmetics STORY 5brows to a personalised, premium service — offering your salon, spa or clinic an on-trend treatment and revenue stream to match.

Eye raising in itself, wouldn’t you agree?

For more information or to learn about the special introductory offer, email

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