Grab Customer Loyalty By The Balls!

Overheard in the Ladies Bathroom at City Recital Hall: “I had my makeup done this morning,” a woman gowned-up for her graduation ceremony frowns at her reflection. “I can’t believe it’s starting to ‘ball’ already!” (It’s 10am). “What do you mean?” Asks her friend, snapping a selfie. “See?” Gingerly, she rubs a forefinger over the side of her […]

Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking, B3?

Get an A In This Vitamin B Crash Course! From clearing blemishes, to killing hangovers, it’s time to brush up on the benefits of Vitamin B. It is made up of 8 water soluble chemical compounds, each essential for wellbeing. Three of the best Vitamin B acids have become key cosmetic ingredients, too. 1. B3 – Drive Digestion and […]

Clean and Simple

Cleansing water is the new must-have item for pre-treatment preps and bathroom shelves. By Jenni Gilbert. I’ve been a fan of the ‘double cleanse’ since a former colleague and beauty guru Zoe Foster-Blake lauded its benefits a few years ago. It was an epiphany for my fine-textured skin that became so easily congested (and, without […]


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