Help Clients Choose Natural Skincare

According to Euromonitor’s Skincare in Australia report, published last June, consumers “are more aware and likely to read ingredients to ensure skincare products claiming to be natural are in fact so”. Jacqueline Hill* reports.

What goes in or on our bodies has never been more closely scrutinised by consumers of all ages.

However, the marketplace is cluttered with marketing hype, claims and theories, making it difficult for consumers to determine what products are most suited to their needs.

“Healthy is indeed the new wealthy,” says Cherie Jackson, global chief brand officer of Jindilli, the Australian skincare brand based on macadamia nut oil.

“It is our customers’ most valuable commodity and they want answers that help them attain and retain health. This is where well-informed therapists can become an essential resource.

“Wellness is entrenched in our customer’s expectation of spa. Therapists have an excellent opportunity to amplify their clients’ investment in the service by providing tools and advice customers can use between visits.

Mighty macadamias, Australia’s own natural wonder

“Delivering products that do no harm is an imperative for both the customers and the therapists.”

Product validation plays a critical role in supporting consumers’ needs; products that can prove the soil-to-skin ethos carry greater weight with consumers and validate the energy and commitment required to deliver truly natural ranges with identifiable origins.

A further dimension to this thinking is to also seek skincare ranges that are genuinely looking after our environment in a sustainable way.

This sets in play the need to provide a holistic approach to address the physical and emotional sides of personal wellbeing.

Pure macadamia oil made from cold-pressed macadamia kernel (macadamia interfolia seed) is one such powerful natural skin care ingredient because it is so similar to natural skin oil.

SPA+CLINIC visited general manager Jacqueline Hill and owner Morgan Roy at the Jindilli stand at Cosmoprof in Hong Kong last November

It is recognised by the body because it is so similar in composition to the fatty acid profile of the skin’s sebaceous oil.

This unique botanical oil is unique due to its high content of palmitoleic acid (22.6 percent), a monounsaturated fatty acid that avoids oxidation and fits with the skin’s fatty acid composition.

It also contains palmitoleic acid C16.1, phytosterols, squalene, omega-7, alpha tocopherol, oleic acid, linoleic acid, and an abundance of natural antioxidants.

All of these elements make macadamia oil naturally anti-inflammatory, an active anti-microbial with anti-bacterial properties.

Additionally, pure macadamia oil offers deep penetration and significant moisture retention, together with high-nourishing properties, restoring dry, dehydrated and mature skin.

It helps to calm and soothe irritated skin, reduce itchiness and redness, soften the skin, regenerate skin cells, and heal damaged skin including blemishes, age spots, burns, wounds and scratches.

The Lime Blossom Body Scrub was a big hit at Cosmprof Asia

Jindilli certainly made an impression at Cosmoprof Asia, held in Hong Kong last November, where we exhibited.

While the demonstrations of Jindilli’s propriety Boomaglam massage tool generated the crowds there was real intrigue about the Jindilli story.

Our Australian macadamia farms owned by the Roy family in northern NSW created an authentic point of difference around Jindilli’s products and attendees genuinely began to understand the properties and benefits of pure natural macadamia oil.

The response to the magic of Jindill’s dry room Lime Blossom Scrub was overwhelming. The gasps of astonishment when the scrub disappeared before their eyes could be heard down the aisle!

As a result of our success we will be starting to export to Hong Kong over the coming months. Aside from China, we also received interest from Japan, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, Netherlands, Kuwait, Italy, Canada and India.

Jacqueline Hill is general manager, Jindilli Brands, Jindilli Australia


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