These Are The Celebrities People Google The Most When It Comes To Their Appearance

Delving into celebrity cosmetic curiosities.

It’s no surprise that we find ourselves occasionally wondering about the secrets behind the flawless celebrity faces and age-defying looks. While we’re certainly not here to suggest that our favourite stars have undergone any transformations, it’s fascinating to explore the curiosity that surrounds their appearances – whilst also uncovering the top celebrities that may be shown to aesthetic practitioners for ‘inspiration’.

The insights shared were derived from a comprehensive study conducted by TruMe Labs, examining nationwide US searches on Google Keyword Planner. By pairing celebrities with search terms related to cosmetic procedures, the study offers a glimpse into the world of celebrity beauty and the public’s curiosity surrounding it.

1. Jennifer Aniston

With her timeless beauty, Aniston leads the list with over 26,000 monthly searches, with often people seeking Aniston for inspiration for injectables or facial cosmetic surgery.

2. Taylor Swift

The pop sensation garners over 25,000 monthly searches, with fans speculating about subtle facial transformations.

3. Madonna

With over 23,000 monthly searches, the Queen of Pop’s ever-changing appearance prompts questions about procedures for body enhancement and facial injectables.

4. Selena Gomez

Despite battling health issues, Gomez’s beauty remains a topic of discussion, with over 20,000 monthly searches exploring her rumoured procedures, and including her unique youth-filled face shape as inspiration.

5. Jennifer Lawrence

Known for her candor, Lawrence’s rhinoplasty admission doesn’t deter speculation, with over 18,000 monthly searches delving into her facial enhancements.

6. Simon Cowell

The TV personality’s transparent approach to cosmetic enhancements generates over 17,000 monthly searches, focusing on his facelift and cosmetic injectables journey.

7. Drake

Recent lyrics sparked rumours, leading to over 16,000 monthly searches about Drake’s potential plastic surgeries for fat transfer surgeries and further enhancements.

8. Ariana Grande

Despite halting cosmetic enhancements, Grande’s appearance still piques curiosity, with over 14,000 monthly searches exploring her petite and angular facial features.

9. Kylie Jenner

A reality TV icon, Jenner’s rumoured surgeries, including Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery and chin reconstructions, spark over 13,000 monthly searches. Across the last decade, Kylie Jenner has led a myriad of consultations with cosmetic patients, seeking fuller facial features or a sculpted silhouette.

10. Nicole Kidman

The esteemed actress denies surgical interventions, yet over 13,000 monthly searches delve into speculations about facial surgery, highlighting the enduring fascination with her timeless beauty.

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