Icons Of Industry: Michelle Reeve, Waterlily

In every issue of SPA+CLINIC, we profile our Icons of Industry, the people that have helped shape the industry and continue to make a difference. One of them is founder and director of skincare brand Waterlily, Michelle Reeve.

Where it all began

My life’s passion is natural medicine. I had the opportunity to study complementary therapies in aromatherapy, Chinese medicine, nutrition and remedial massage nearly 20 years ago and have not looked back. Wellbeing can only be achieved by proactive lifestyle choices around diet, movement, connection and mindfulness. I love the body’s ability to heal itself given the right conditions and nutrients. Treating the skin with a combination of aromatherapy, naturopathic infusions and green cosmeceuticals is where I’ve been best able to express my passion.

What skin needs

While the industry is always shifting in focus, the skin does not. The factors leading to premature ageing and skin conditions remain the same: inflammation, lack of nutrition and compromised barrier function. So remaining fixed on creating solutions around a nutritionally rich transdermal holistic approach which combines a sensory ritual layered in nurturing touch points continues to excite us. The western medical model takes you from being sick to merely ‘not sick’, but to be truly well and see that translated through vibrant healthy glowing skin is a powerful gift.

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Creating a nurtured team environment

How we hold space for our clients starts by how we host each other within our team. The ritual of a spa journey is not an esoteric concept that we apply only to treatments, it’s the care and connection that underpins each interaction, whether with a spa guest, a spa partner or one of our team members. We find that each member willingly goes above and beyond if they are operating in a nurtured environment which reflects our core values. So many companies put the focus on client service, but we find that if you make sure your team are well looked after and have put on their oxygen mask first, they then have the resources, empathy and eagerness to serve others.

Clean and green skincare

Our latest skincare line, Spaceuticals, launched in 2017 as our clean and green cosmeceutical skincare solution. The formulations are botanically rich, but there are a few elements which makes them quite unique. Firstly, we use an omega rich base. Essential fatty acids are vital for healthy skin and offer many anti-ageing benefits. Secondly we have partnered with an innovative nutraceutical company to offer the first food grade encapsulated delivery system in Australia. This ensures our anti-ageing vitamins and fat soluble cosmeceutical actives not only penetrate much deeper but have longer lasting activity. Over 45 minerals and trace elements essential for healthy cell function are delivered.

One of our best-selling heroes is our Spaceuticals Phyto-B3 Serum. It’s like a superfood smoothie for the skin boosted with an active dose of niacinamide and hyaluronic acid layered with kale, broccoli, and goji berries and finished with a sea mineral concentrate and pure essential oils.

The road to wellbeing

We formulate and manufacture in house using traditional artisan crafting techniques to protect the integrity of my formulations. Small hand batching safeguards the active phytonutrients and aromaceuticals which intensify the potency of the ingredients.

Spa has always been our heritage and I’m excited at the opportunity to create active and results driven protocols that serve the busy lifestyles of our guests.  My hope is that one day spas will be the cathedrals of our health care system integrating western medicine with natural therapies for a complete approach to wellbeing.