Icons Of Industry: Tamara Melis, Babor

In every issue of SPA+CLINIC, we profile our Icons of Industry, the people that have helped shape the industry and continue to make a difference. One of them is the Director of Saltair Day Spa in Torquay, Tamara Melis.

How I got here

From the age of 16 I was right into health, fitness, nutrition and natural therapies. As soon as I could choose my tertiary education it was massage and beauty therapy diplomas. I always believed that when you found something you love then that’s what your contribution to the world would be. Being all about lifestyle At my first opportunity, I applied to,(at that time) Australia’s leading health retreat Camp Eden. I absolutely loved every moment and stayed there for 10 years, and this allowed me to hone my business and management skills.

Why I love the industry

The spa industry is always changing and forever amazing! Over my 23 years of experience, the constant change and evolvement from good old Galvanic, brush machines and Woods Lamps to LED, IPL, Collagen Induction, Ultrasound and Computerised Facial Analysis – it’s never ending! The inspiring passionate industry leaders and all the personal connections you gain from beautiful clients along the way has kept me coming back every day as well as helping to educate great staff who want to follow their own passions.

There’s so much you can achieve

Facials would have to be my favourite treatment. I live for great products and get excited by consumer results and the whole pampering experience. My indispensable products include a cleansing oil, Babor’s HSR Eye Cream, and their Lifting Cellular Cream. My intention of giving to others in the treatment room has taught me about my own energy, its levels and what you can achieve by striving for balance and how that comes back to you in return.

Change is good

With incredible research, development, technologies, products, scientific leaders and an explosion of companies entering the realm a lot can happen in a short amount of time. I think the industry standards have improved, with so many different treatment options, competitive practices and quality establishments.  There’s also been massive changes due to the sharing of knowledge through technology and connections between clients, therapists, and the industry through new evolving media.

My team is inspiring

The connection of each and every one of our team members we share is admirable. Our goals we set together are being fulfilled based on our relationships, communication and our mutual respect and trust. The strength of a great team is invaluable. Also I have to say our younger staff members are quite inspirational within themselves. They’re fresh, focused, willing to learn and serious about their profession which definitely brings an infectious uplifting spirit to the team.

We can be proud

I’m very proud of the spa industry, its interpretation of body therapies and beauty treatments. The industry has held its head high and has kept an element of quality. Spa creators all have one thing in mind which is creating experiences that you just can’t buy. It’s an empowering field that continually gives a positive influence within the community.


Saltair Day Spa