Icons of Industry: Judith Lennan, Guinot

In every issue of SPA+CLINIC, we profile our Icons of Industry, the people that have helped shape the industry and continue to make a difference. One of them is Judith Lennan, Owner of Le Salon & Medi Spa, Hunters Hill.

What I do best

I specialise in facials, it’s what I love to do! At my salon in Hunters Hill, I also often combine medi spa treatments such as photo rejuvenation, needling and IPL in conjunction with high performance facials. The combination of the two delivers incredible results.

Why I love my job

My favourite part of the job is developing a relationship with my clients and helping them with their skincare needs. Everyone’s skin is different and some of my clients I have been looking after for over 25 years. One of my clients was a teenager when I started treating her, and she is now a grown woman with her own teenage daughter. They are now both clients and I often have three generations of women that I look after in the one family. It’s immensely satisfying to be trusted with clients’ skin and have that close bond.

What I want everyone to know

I have learnt over the years that all skins can be improved. There won’t be a skin that I can’t treat no matter how many issues they have with acne, rosacea or any other problematic skin condition. The right treatment plan can do wonders.

Our best-selling products

The Longue Vie range from Guinot is our bestseller. The formulation has stood the test of time and clients love it! At the moment their new product Age Summum is flying off the shelves. It’s the crème de la crème of anti-ageing and restores the cellular activity of the skin.

Lifting each other up

My colleague and friend Rosie and I are senior therapists who have worked together for many years. We have a wonderful rapport and we motivate each other. We work as a team and we open and close together. I may be the owner of the business, but I am just as much hands on as Rosie. We also enjoy dinner together often and find that laughter and friendship is the best form of motivation. When one person is lower in spirits than the other, we pick each other up.

Hunters Hill is special to me

My favourite memory in my career was coming back to Hunters Hill where it all began for me.  Hunters Hill has always been a community that has embraced me as a therapist and supported my business. It was lovely to be back, and in my first week in the new salon, many familiar faces dropped by to say how happy they were to have me back and they made a booking to visit again. That was a very nice memory that I’m grateful for.


Le Salon & Medi Spa