Icons Of Industry La Clinique, France Medical

In every issue of SPA+CLINIC, we profile our Icons of Industry, the people that have helped shape the industry and continue to make a difference. Meet the team behind La Clinique, Angela Espie & Jo McDonald.

How we started

We both left our corporate careers to build a life that allowed us to follow our dream of giving women a choice in an ever-changing beauty industry.

We believed that there was a gap in the market for alternatives to injectables and surgeries, which led us to first discovering Endermologie and our favorite Frenchmen at France Medical. Our clinic has evolved from a small one-room studio at a high-end hair salon to a boutique clinic with five treatment rooms in the heart of the Sunshine Coast.

In only one year we have grown far beyond our expectations, with more machinery, secret youth enhancing recipes and huge plans for the future.

Integrity is everything

Beauty is not just about fixing a woman’s insecurities. Our business is about healing a woman from the inside out, helping her to see how truly beautiful she is. Women are the same from 18 to 80 − we all forget how incredible we are from time to time. It’s our pleasure to remind our clients of this every time we see them.

Old fashioned customer service will never go out of style. Our clinic prides itself on personal service and we have learned that the kind of service we deliver is not often replicated and still the single most important thing for our business.

We believe in non-invasive treatments

Endermologie is not well-known in Australia. We are trying to change the thought pattern of a whole society, aiming to educate people, including younger generations, about their options and that beauty does not have to be painful or invasive.

Imagine a world where you can go and have a series of weekly massages and walk away with minimal cellulite, a flatter tummy, lifted bottom, toned arms, or tighter skin, a world where you can have a facial treatment that leaves no redness to the skin, no punctures or bruising, but still delivers a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, lifts eyelids, plumps lips, shapes cheekbones and reduces the dreaded double chin − this is the world of Endermologie.

We teach the French approach to beauty: start early and maintain your youth; don’t wait until it’s too late and you have to resort to extremes to reverse ageing, sun damage, cellulite, and weight gain.

The best moments are with our patients

For our first birthday celebration, we invited 10 of our clients to dinner at a fancy restaurant. These women had never met and were from all different ages and stages of life. We all bonded over Champagne, an incredible meal and cake and shared the story of how La Clinique was born and where it was headed.

It was an incredibly special night and a privilege to be able to share our success with a room filled with some of the people that had helped us achieve our 1st birthday milestone. For us personally that night defined who we are as a business who we both are as women.

The best is yet to come

The very best thing about working with your best friend is that we get to experience this wonderful, crazy, fun journey together. We always talk about how one day when we are 100 years old (but look 45 thanks to Endermologie), we will be sitting on a porch in our rocking chairs happy with the fact that two mums from the Sunshine Coast left their footprint on the world of beauty.

We want La Clinique to pave the way in the beauty industry by always having the latest non-invasive technologies, and we are confident we can continue on this path with our friends at France Medical by our side.