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There is no doubt that Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a fast growing technology within the beauty and health industry and rising, however these devices have only been affordable for certain businesses until now.

IPL technology leader E-Swin, which is distributed by France Medical in Australia and New Zealand, has decided it is time to make this technology more accessible to all spa, beauty and health professionals so they are now offering real business solutions for small, medium and large spa and salon professionals.

So what’s new?

‘ Real business to business solution

‘ Unbeatable prices (finally affordable)

‘ Flexibility (buy, lease or even rent)

‘ No commitment option available

‘ Unlimited Warranty

‘ Making IPL affordable for more clients


What’s on offer?

‘ No heavy financial burden: focus on salon’s turnover and profit increase

‘ Medical CE certified & TGA registered

‘ Factory ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified for quality guarantee

‘ Latest generation of IPL flash controlled technology (patented worldwide)

‘ Astonishing results for blond hair, dark skin phototype and tanned skin 

‘ Free training, free marketing tools and an all-included starter kit – Super easy to implement!

‘ Designed, developed and made in France


Profit example for the first two weeks of working with the E>O75*

Revenue (service charged to the client) $ 6,255

Salon’s Cost (about 3 600 flashes) $ 540

Salon’s profit $ 5,715

*E>O75 Permanent hair reduction

Example based on hair salon ‘Shabu’, Brisbane (more examples upon contact)


High technology range expands to other industries

Did you know that our IPL technology can also help Dry Eye Syndrom?  Optometrists and opticians will be able to discover the latest product, E-Eye at ODMA Brisbane in July 2013.

If you are attending the following trade shows France Medical would love to meet you at their stand:

  • APAN Australian Aesthetics Conference in Adelaide – 26th May 2013
  • ODMA Brisbane – 5th , 6th & 7th July 2013
  • Sydney International Spa and Beauty – 25th & 26th August 2013


Contact + 61 7 3151 1543,


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