Our Top 5 Spa Spotify Playlists

We don’t need to tell you how important music is when it comes to setting the tone for your spa or clinic. It can instantly transform the vibe of your space, having the power to create a beautiful ambiance, ensure your patients are calm, or perhaps create a more uplifting mood, depending on what you’re going for. We know it can be very time consuming to source new music and playlists, not to mention endlessly repetitive to listen to the same short playlist each and every day, so we’ve cut out the middle-man for you and composed a list of our top 5 Spotify playlists for businesses of all kinds.

Spa Music – For the classic relaxation spa

Given away by its obvious title, the Spa Music playlist is a classic collection of mellow piano, woodwind and strings, perfect for massage and body treatments. This one is ideal for any beauty salon or spa retreat, and don’t be surprised if it sends your clients off into a tranquil snooze within minutes.

SPA Treatment – For the zen retreat

This one will take your clients far away, to a tropical beach getaway. You’ll find significantly less piano featured in this collection, perhaps a few mellow bongo drums, and the most divine strings, synthesisers and ocean sounds. Your spa or clinic will be emulating a beachside paradise in no time.

Gentle Accoustic – For the chilled clinic

If you’re looking for something in between relaxed and on trend, or perhaps just a nice soothing setlist for your reception area, Gentle Accoustic is perfect. Your visitors will love you for the mellow pop beats and acoustic guitar and piano covers – think Birdy, Calum Scott, Gavin James, Sufjan Stevens and Feist.

Deep Focus – Treatments with a beat

Deep focus is a really nice uplifting playlist to have in the treatment room, perfect for relaxing while still providing a beat. If you’re offering massages, this one may not be the best choice, but the beats on this playlist will provide a lovely, happy and calm mood ideal for facials, waxing, manis & pedis, injectables, or consultation, since they are all instrumentals.

Instrumental Beats for Work or Chill – The perfect clinic tempo

This is a great choice for a clinic, office or reception. Upbeat but mellow at the same time, clients will feel relaxed and comfortable, while you and your staff will find it a breeze to focus through. A perfect choice for a subdued but not sleep-inducing playlist everyone will love.