Healthy Skin, Simply Science – How NeoGenesis Is Transforming Skins

The talk of the town is stem cell molecules. Stem cell molecules have become increasingly popular as an ingredient in skincare products due to their ability to repair, regenerate and protect skin cells, and to modulate the immune system, as well as, reduce inflammation.  

The history of stem cell molecule research dates back to the 1970’s and has since been a field of great interest for scientists.

In 1975, Drs. Howard Green and James Rheinwald at MIT made an important discovery about human keratinocytes, showing that they could be cultured. This led to further discoveries about tissue regeneration and how stem cells can be used in skin care treatments.

By 2008, Dr. Greg Maguire had developed the concept of Systems Therapeutics as a new way of thinking about pharmacological products which opened the door for advances in using stem cell released molecules.

The latest science behind healthy skin is a little-known company making a difference to skin health for both women and men. Who is this new company you ask?  NeoGenesis is located in the US, UK, Japan and also in Australia.  

NeoGenesis enhances the skin’s healing

We spoke with Borka Buseska, the contact in Australia for NeoGenesis to find out what all the excitement was about. Borka has an interesting background, giving her some valuable views on the beauty and aesthetics industry. SPA+CLINIC met with Borka at the Alma International Education conference in Spain and as we could tell Borka was very passionate about her involvement with NeoGenesis, we wanted to find out more.

A bit about Borka

Borka Buseska

Borka had a 30-year career in public service and for personal reasons had to retire from that career. She decided to change to something completely different and decided to move into an industry where it is all about making people feel great about themselves. Borka bought into a franchise – Laser Clinics Australia (LCA) and thoroughly enjoyed her time with LCA, having opened two clinics. In order to help her supply of qualified staff and assist in learning about this new industry, she embarked on opening a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).  

The RTO delivered the Beauty Diploma, Advanced Diploma in Laser hair removal and the Diploma of Leadership and Management. While doing all this, Borka decided to study and gain an advanced understanding of aesthetics. As a result, Borka now has two University degrees, a Bachelor in Social Science majoring in Applied Economics and an Associated Degree in Health Science and Wellness. 

Steve McGee

 It was during an Aesthetics Practitioner Association Network (APAN) conference in 2022 that Borka met Steve McGee, the CEO of NeoGenesis. They started talking about the NeoGenesis products and the amazing before and after photos. Borka became intrigued about the products. Steve McGee was looking to expand in Australia and was looking for someone like Borka. 

Given Borka’s background with other products we wanted to know why she decided to go with NeoGenesis.

It was an easy decision after meeting with Steve. He showed me some before and after images and they were almost too incredible to believe. I told him that, too. Steve took me through the science and published peer-reviewed papers (the gold standard in science in the United States). There was overwhelming evidence of what NeoGenesis was achieving. During the conference, I met an Australian who had been using NeoGenesis Recovery serum, and she showed me her photos (on her phone). The results in such a short time were truly remarkable. I was HOOKED!

The other very important factor to joining NeoGenesis is Steve himself. He genuinely wants to help as many people as he possibly can. He is striving to gift products to 1 million people that are struggling with skin conditions, including people going through chemo or radiation that can’t afford the products. To be able to achieve that, sales in Australia need to increase.  I want to be part of an organisation that has a soul like that. It was those two factors that made me decide to join NeoGenesis.

How is progress going, Borka?

“Progress has been very positive, but I would definitely like to see a larger geographic footprint for NeoGenesis. Some states are better than others. I would really like to have clinics in Sydney and Melbourne stock NeoGenesis. I receive a few requests from clients searching the internet asking for locations of clinics. Regional also needs a bit more coverage. I think talking about NeoGenesis and making it a household name will help Steve’s aspirations for the gifting program.”

What Clinics Are Saying About NeoGenesis

Samantha and Mel from Skin Solutions Canberra

 “We opted for NeoGenesis because I firmly believe that harnessing your own stem cells represents the future of skincare. NeoGenesis is grounded in evidence, supported by a wide array of clinical studies that validate its ability to rejuvenate and heal the skin. While some companies incorporate stem cells from sources like apples or other parts of the body in their skincare products, NeoGenesis stands out by formulating stem cell release molecules that stimulate the activation of your own stem cells for targeted repair. Leveraging our body’s innate familiarity, utilising our own stem cells for regeneration seems like the logical choice. Additionally, the remarkable outcomes NeoGenesis has achieved, even with challenging skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea, further solidified my decision.”

Yvonne from Charishma Beauty:

“I heard about NeoGenesis through Facebook. Therapists were achieving fantastic results for compromised and ageing skin, so I decided to try it out.” 

Samantha is a cosmetic injector as well as skin professional

“Our clients who have incorporated NeoGenesis into their skincare routines are absolutely thrilled with it! They’re noticing remarkable improvements, particularly with reactive skin conditions, and they’re over the moon about it! One client was so impressed that she reached out to NeoGenesis head office because she was amazed at how quickly it cleared up her dermatitis.” 

Yvonne owns a clinic in regional NSW and is transitioning from traditional beauty to a medispa

“My clients are in love with the products, they love the simplicity and results.” 

Like most businesses, ensuring you have a balance of the right products and not focusing on one label can be an important business decision.  Do you agree?

Skin Solutions Canberra: 

“I believe so. Not every product range will cater to everyone or offer the best solutions for specific needs. NeoGenesis caught my attention because it complements the other products available in my clinic. Having an oncology-friendly range is also a significant advantage.”


“My clinic is all about natural products, I stock Waterlily and NeoGenesis. Waterlily is plant based and less expensive so I am able to cover all of my client’s needs.” 

What would you say is the difference between NeoGenesis and the products you currently use?

Samantha and Mel: 

“NeoGenesis is a simple cosmeceutical line renowned for its safety and efficacy and the only one we stock that offers a range of products focusing on stem cell release molecules. These products provide quick and effective solutions for difficult conditions like dermatitis and rosacea. NeoGenesis is highly recommended for use following invasive procedures. With a commitment to customer well-being and healing, our goal is to offer products that not only ensure safety post-procedure but also enhance recovery and results.”


“NeoGenesis is easy to use, suitable for all skin types, with very little risk of irritation. I love how easy it is to sell, it just walks out the door.” 

For more information on NeoGenesis, visit and contact Borka on

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