How Trends Can Be Transformed Into Treatments

Green nails were trending on Pinterest this week.

This could be because St. Patricks Day was coming up or because sage green is THE colour of the year (there is no debating this). Forget a minimal colour palette. I want to look like Kermit for the foreseeable future.

But as you read through this intro, you might be thinking, ‘what do nails have to do with my business’. Yes, there is some merit in that thought. The designs are gorgeous and we could spend hours scrolling through Instagram looking at nail content, but it isn’t our forte. Nails fall more into the salon category, and most of you are in the business of skin.

As we explored in our latest issue, your skin treatments aren’t limited to the face. Melissa Young Beauty offers a 60-minute ‘Back Refresh’ in her clinic. This treatment idea sprung to mind after noticing a high demand of bridal patients wanting to wear backless dresses on their special day, but they were put off because of back concerns like acne, congestion or dehydration. Since introducing the treatment, the demand has expanded beyond bridal patients, and people from all walks of life want to show their back some TLC. Melissa and her back facials are an excellent example of how the trends outside the spa and clinic world can lead to new needs in it. But back to the nails.

With Instagram feeds filling up with sage green polishes and swirly designs, there will be a heavy focus on nail and hand health. Our hands are one of the first places we start to show aging. This skin is thin, elastic and often neglected when it comes to SPF application (it still perplexes me there aren’t more hand creams with SPF in them). However, you know how to improve wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and dehydration on the face, why can’t you transfer these practices onto the hands?

Don’t believe us? Take a look at this.

If you’re a dermal therapist, this might be giving the client the option to have a BHA peel applied to both the face and the hands or adding in a hand massage with a super hydrating serum while they bask under a LED light. There are some clinicians overseas using dermal fillers for hand rejuvenation to improve wrinkles and volume. It really only takes one idea to realise this could be a huge area of demand in your business.

So to follow up with that opening thought, green nails are trending on Pinterest, and that could have a whole lot to do with your business.

Featured image via Pinterest.

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