Inside the Success of the Viral Head Spa Phenomenon

From its inception, Head & Scalp Spa Rituals have garnered significant attention for its unique approach to holistic wellness. The innovative offering has revolutionised traditional treatments by seamlessly blending relaxation with targeted therapeutic interventions.

In a new venture into extending care from the face to the scalp, Geelong-based Skin Clinic Glamazonia now addresses a gap in the market in regional Victoria by recently introducing the Atama Kenko Head Spa Ritual as a part of their service offering.

Founder of Glamazonia, Natalie Anderson, shares with us her experience with the business side of introducing this in-demand and trending treatment, including some tips for those looking to also introduce the ritual into their space.

How has the head spa been received by clients so far?

The Atama Kenko Head Spa Ritual has been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback from our clients. Many describe it as a relaxing and rejuvenating experience and like NOTHING else they have ever experienced.

The combination of a soothing scalp massage, aromatherapy, steam, light, water, and ambient sounds leaves clients feeling refreshed and stress-free. Beyond relaxation, our head spa offers therapeutic benefits, including stress reduction, improved blood circulation, and relief from tension headaches.

Additionally, we address specific scalp concerns such as dandruff, excess sebum production, product buildup, hair thinning, damaged hair, and dry scalps. 

In terms of growth, since launching this treatment our revenue growth sits at a whopping +385%. Our books are now predominately Head Spa appointments. Our Social Media content interactions have increased by +345%. 

How long do treatments usually go for and what is included?

Treatment durations for head spas can vary, typically ranging from 60 to 120 minutes. The specific length depends on factors like hair type, scalp health, and texture. Clients can also customize their experience by adding facials or LED therapy.

Our 60-minute Signature Ritual encompasses a comprehensive suite of services, including Trichoanalysis, Aromatherapy, Peeling Clay Scalp Detox, Water Therapy, Steam Therapy, Organic Hair Bath, Scalp Massage, Targeted Scalp treatment, and sound.

Our most sought-after upgrade is the 30-minute Relaxation Facial, which includes a double cleanse, enzyme exfoliant, hand and arm massage, steam and hot towel therapy, facial massage, and targeted finishing products.

The positive feedback from our clients, reflected in numerous 5-star reviews, underscores the effectiveness and satisfaction derived from both our Rituals.

How did you obtain the device? Was installation difficult?

Obtaining our head spa devices from a reputable manufacturer in China was a meticulous process. However, language barriers and freight strikes led to significant delays, extending the wait by over a month.

Despite carefully considering the necessary features to bring our vision to life, there was an element of “trust the process” that I reluctantly endured after making the payment.

Installation and quality control were entrusted to a reliable plumber. Unfortunately, our clinic required additional equipment for waste removal, resulting in unexpected costs. In hindsight, involving the trade professional to review the units before purchase could have avoided this expense.

Alternatively, Atama Kenko will soon distribute “no plumb” units (and many other alternatives) across Australia, enabling mobile services for therapists.

Beyond plumbing, we also addressed electrical considerations. Ensuring compliance with legislative guidelines, particularly proximity to water sources, incurred additional costs but was crucial for client and staff safety.

As a novel treatment in Australia, we must factor in new risks during planning, insurance coverage, and implement new work practices.

The cleaning of our units adheres to current legislative requirements outlined in the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008. Ongoing maintenance depends on the specific units purchased.

At a minimum, we recommend annual inspections by both a plumber and an electrician to ensure efficacy and safety during operation. Additionally, thorough cleaning and sanitising should be factored into each appointment. We allocate 15 minutes after each treatment for this purpose.

We also recognise that water is a precious resource. Consequently, we’ve meticulously designed our Rituals to minimise wastage. Our waterfall fountain operates with utmost efficiency, constantly recycling a minimal amount of water. This function is central to our approach.

Towels Galore! Be prepared for a substantial towel usage! On an average day with two staff members, we go through up to 20 bath sheets, over 30 hand towels, and more than 10 face washers and bath pillows.

In addition to towels, we employ various tools during each treatment, including wet brushes, matcha whisks, tricho microscopes, manual scalp massagers, and gua sha. Keep in mind that consistent use in water can lead to rapid degradation of these tools, so anticipate frequent replacements.

What have you found to be most successful with implementing this into the conversation with clients, is there usually a therapeutic need that your therapist will identify, or is it simply just wanted?

Through Social Media, endorsements from popular local influencers, and local print publications, we effectively booked out for 5 weeks during launch week. This treatment defies our usual conversations with clients, which attempt to entice them to book a session. The treatment at this stage is simply “in demand”.  

While the current media trend surrounding Head Spas has certainly played a role, I attribute our success to years of planning. We started planning and researching for this treatment well before the recent surge in popularity of the Japanese Head Spa. Although it’s a novel concept in Australia, it’s actually a century-old scalp health ritual in Japan and India.

Approximately 50%-60% of our clients seek treatment for specific scalp conditions, with relaxation being an added bonus. Interestingly, around 90% of male clients are specifically looking for scalp treatments related to psoriasis, dermatitis, dandruff or thinning hair.

This demand is precisely why we’re launching our Prescriptive Rituals in April—our clients are clamouring for real solutions to improve scalp and hair health. This will further increase our rebooking rate. 

The remaining clients typically experience stress, tension, or insomnia, and they greatly benefit from the relaxation aspect of our head spa. Our reviews speak volumes: Clients consistently say, “This was the best treatment I have EVER had, you NEED to experience this.”

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