Aesthetics Rx® Rings In The Era of Biotech Skincare

How the range is changing the landscape of active skincare.

Aesthetics Rx® is an Australian-made cosmeceutical skincare brand that emerged from the medical aesthetic clinic environment, to assist in post-treatment care that clients can continue to reap benefits from at home.

General Manager, Nicola Kropach, and the team have been working behind-the-scenes on the brand’s evolution. Fast forward to now, Aesthetics Rx® is entering its new era, revealing a newly developed brand identity that aims to cement their place in market with a defined point of difference – transformative biotech skincare. 

Their story will be shared through the beauty of natural skin textures and complexion, plants and Australian landscapes – defining their scientific philosophy, grounded approach and plant-based actives.

We caught up with Aesthetics Rx® Founder Nicola Kropach, to learn more about the range.

Nicola, explain the meaning behind the definition of “biotech skincare”?

In skincare, biotechnology focuses on biology (in our case at Aesthetics Rx, living plants) as opposed to chemistry to produce the materials used in formulations. Biotech ingredients are made in a lab by scientists who use living, naturally derived substances to recreate them or produce very similar raw ingredients.

Usually through DNA sequencing of the cell, and a fermentation process, chemists cause extracts from plants, microbes or yeasts to multiply and grow, creating ingredients bio-identical to those found in nature.

The brand has been undergoing some exciting changes and developments, what’s next for Aesthetics Rx that you can share with us?

We have meticulously reconstructed our brand identity in visual terms, preserving the integrity of our advanced technological formulations while presenting a strikingly different appearance across our digital platforms. Introducing a new, notably assertive logo and accompanying marks that ingeniously integrate our distinctive attributes, we now possess the means to articulate our core ethos: Transformative biotech skincare. We are also in the process of revamping our packaging.

Our innovative concept includes crafting bespoke components from scratch, intricate complexity beyond off-the-shelf solutions. Currently, we are several iterations into prototyping, and so far, progress suggests realisation later in 2024.

Our designs prioritise sustainability, with every element incorporating recyclable materials. Recent visits with our packaging manufacturer in Italy have been very positive, our designs are marked by a fusion of uniqueness and aesthetic beauty.

What is your favourite ingredient and why?

My favourite ingredient is our Epidermal Growth Factor – a completely vegan active, that contains five different growth factors (IGF-1, EGF, acidic FGF, basic FGF, and VEGF), amino acids and vitamins. These growth factors work synergistically with keratinocytes and fibroblast cells contributing to wound healing, cell growth, wrinkle reduction and improved hydration.

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