There Is Now A Medical Skincare Concierge Service In Australia

Qr8 MediSkin is the new convenient service connecting people with qualified doctors who can treat their skin concerns remotely, and business is booming.

Dr Michele Squire launched her personalised skincare concierge service, Qr8 (pronounced curate), just over 12 months ago, and she recently expanded the brand to include Qr8 MediSkin. It’s an Australia-wide service offering safe online access to prescription-only treatments for a host of skin issues, delivered straight to your door.

No mask or pants required, though the latter is preferred. Talk about excellent timing. Qr8 MediSkin has no-touch consultations and remote treatment options already built into its business model during a time where other brands are playing catch-up to accommodate the ‘new normal.’

Dr Michele Squire

“I created Qr8 MediSkin to allow consumers to easily access qualified medical professionals and the latest, evidence-based topical treatments, tailored to their individual concerns,” Squire explains.

The service is simple. Qr8 MediSkin matches clients with an experienced aesthetic medical practitioner who reviews their skin via photographs and a pre-consult questionnaire. It then books them in for a telehealth consultation with a doctor who will prescribe a single treatment to address their skin concerns. It’s mixed up by a pharmacist into either a day or night cream and delivered straight to their door.

“I wanted to take the hassle and guesswork out of treating cosmetic skin conditions and make it a convenient and relaxed experience, whilst remaining as safe and robust as a face-to-face consultation,” she said.

Squire says Qr8 MediSkin is more than a custom product. Clients also access follow up support to track their progress or troubleshoot issues, and this is wrapped up into a convenient one-off fee. Unlike other treatment options, there are minimal wait-times so patients can start their recovery sooner.

Qr8 products are compounded by pharmacists.

“It can feel daunting to visit a doctor for cosmetic skin issues, and seeing a doctor is often viewed as a last resort after exhausting all over-the-counter products. I want to shift the narrative, so people think about effective treatments upfront, rather than when all else has failed,” Squire said.

Treatments take the form of a single day or night cream and are designed to work with a basic cleanser, SPF and moisturiser. Pharmacists tailor-make each product, meaning they can target multiple concerns at once. Every active ingredient is within its effective concentration and pH range, but they manipulate the strength to take into account sensitivities and different skin conditions.

“Simplicity is in Qr8’s DNA which is why we blend actives into a ‘one and done’ moisturising product, without compromising on effectiveness. Once patients have the right actives in their routine to target individual concerns, layers of extra ‘feel-good’ products aren’t needed,” she said.

Not everyone is suited for Qr8 MediSkin as it’s restricted for those over the age of 18. In case the medical team decided Qr8 MediSkin cannot offer appropriate treatment for a patient’s condition, they are referred to a dermatologist or specialist for in-person treatment and not charged for the consultation.

“We are currently investigating ways to make our telehealth consults even more robust with 3D medical imaging. We also plan to extend the service with dermatology and other medical specialties, so stay tuned,” Squire concludes.

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