The Rise of Solo Operator And Residential Aesthetic Clinics

The rise of solo aestheticians and residential-based clinics in Australia, as told by Dermal Therapist Emily Turner.

A notable trend has emerged in Australia: the rise of solo aestheticians and residential-based clinics and salons. This shift marks a significant departure from traditional salon and clinic setups, offering a range of benefits for both clients and therapists alike. Moreover, it presents a unique opportunity for working women and mothers to thrive in their entrepreneurial endeavours like never before.

As the founder of Soul Skin and Laser, a leading residential clinic specialising in skin and laser therapies, I have observed the increasing prevalence of solo operated and residential aesthetic clinics in the Australian Aesthetics industry.

Emily Turner, Dermal Therapist, and owner of Soul Skin & Laser (NSW)

These intimate, personalised, and private settings provide clients with a unique opportunity to receive bespoke treatments and personalised care from a single dedicated therapist in a private, comfortable, and functional space. Soul Skin and Laser offers a large range of skin and laser treatments including IPL Hair removal, laser tattoo removal, IPL skin rejuvenation, skin needling, radio frequency skin tightening, LED light therapy, advanced Medi-facials, chemical peels and more.

Breaking away from traditional settings

Gone are the days when beauty, skin and laser treatments were synonymous with lively salons and restricted to commercial spaces. Today, an increasing number of aestheticians are opting to operate from home-based spaces, catering to clients in more intimate and personalised settings.

This departure from traditional brick-and-mortar establishments is fuelled by various factors, including rising real estate costs, changing consumer preferences, and advancements in technology. At Soul Skin and Laser privacy, comfort and functionality intertwine, and I can offer evening appointments and space my day to best serve both my clients and my family.

Empowering working women and mums

One of the most significant effects of the rise of solo aestheticians and residential-based clinics is the empowerment of working women in the aesthetics industry. By offering an alternative to traditional salon employment, these setups provide women in business, like me, with the opportunity to take control of their careers and pursue entrepreneurship on their own terms. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for mothers and caregivers, allowing them to balance work and family responsibilities more effectively.

On a personal level, I retrained as a dermal therapist at 30 years old after being in a different sector for over 10 years. I studied whilst on maternity leave and pursued my dream to open my own boutique aesthetics clinic upon completion. Being residentially based and creating a purpose built, highly functional clinic on my own property has allowed me to follow my dreams of being an aesthetics industry leader whilst also balancing life with my two-year-old daughter.

Regulatory compliance

Residential clinics are not without the requirements to adhere to state specific regulations for health and safety and local council requirements for construction and renovation. Regulatory compliance for solo aestheticians operating skin penetration businesses in residential spaces involves adhering to state-specific regulations governing hygiene, safety, and infection control.

This includes implementing strict sterilisation and disinfection protocols, maintaining a designated treatment area, wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, conducting thorough client consultations, and keeping detailed records. Regular inspections and audits by public health authorities or regulatory bodies like local council, ensure ongoing compliance and reinforce trust and credibility within the industry.

Overall, compliance with regulations is essential for maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and safety for both therapists and clients and facilitates trust between clients and home-based clinics and salons.

Looking ahead to the future

As the trend towards solo aestheticians and residential-based clinics continues to gain momentum, it’s clear that the traditional salon / clinic model is undergoing a transformation. By prioritising personalised service, intimacy, privacy, comfort and flexibility, these innovative setups like we have here at Soul Skin and Laser are reshaping the way beauty treatments are delivered and experienced.

They represent a powerful vehicle for empowering working women and mums to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and achieve greater independence in their professional lives. Having my clinic on my property has allowed me to balance life as a mum, dermal therapist, and business owner.

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