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Stratamark for Stretch Marks

Stratamark is the first medical device – clinically proven and TGA registered – specifically designed for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks (striae distensae) both old and new.

It is an odourless transparent gel that dries to form a thin, flexible and protective gel sheet that is gas permeable and waterproof.

Stratamark works by allowing the skin to normalise the collagen synthesis cycle while hydrating and protecting it.

Alcohol, fragrance and paraben-free, it does not penetrate below the level of the stratum corneum, making it suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and for those with sensitive skin.

Stratamark is transparent and odourless and can be covered by undergarments, sunscreen or cosmetics.

Developed and manufactured by Swiss-based company Stratpharma AG, it prevents stretch marks from forming, softens and flattens raised and depressed stretch marks, reduces redness and discolouration of stretch marks, and relieves their itching and discomfort.

It was developed for the treatment and prevention of all types of stretch marks resulting from pregnancy, adolescent growth spurts, weight gain/loss or bodybuilding.

The gel is a unique formulation that requires substantially less product per application than typical moisturising creams or cosmetic preparations.

One 20g tube contains enough gel for approximately one month’s treatment for women in the late stages of pregnancy.

An ongoing prospective cohort study is being conducted by Dr Chris Hughes at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, North Adelaide.

According to Dr Hughes, although his trial is still ongoing, the preliminary results indicate that Stratamark is effective in preventing and treating stretch marks; that there are fewer women getting stretch marks while using Stratamark; and that, in those women who already have stretch marks, their appearance is less severe.

When asked what the key difference is between Stratamark and other products on the market, Dr Hughes stated that while some people might find benefit in using other preparations, these products have not been rigorously tested.

“Some women are very sensitive about the appearance of stretch marks, and are conscious of the visibility of stretch marks while wearing swimwear or certain clothing,” says Dr Hughes.

“A treatment to reduce the appearance of stretch marks can be very positive in restoring confidence in these patients.”

There are also other ongoing studies at major tertiary institutions across Australia and the results of these will be available soon.

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