The Power Of Podcasting In The Aesthetics Industry

Your power move for personal branding in the new digital landscape.

Chances are, you’ve thought about starting a podcast and quickly forgot about it again thinking it’s too much work and/or too complicated. But who said you have to do it alone? BE Ageless Media, an award-winning platform renowned for its commitment to science-led beauty, wellness and longevity, is proud to announce the expansion of its digital ecosystem with the launch of the BE Ageless Network.

The newly launched BE Ageless Network, created by founder and editor of Ageless by Rescu, Bahar Etminan, offers bespoke podcasting and digital content creation services that meet the rigorous standards of the beauty and wellness industry.

This initiative is set to redefine the beauty and wellness industry landscape through a comprehensive suite of customised podcast and content production services tailored specifically for professionals and brands in aesthetics, beauty, longevity, and wellness.

The power and reach of podcasting

The power of podcasting is backed by compelling data: Australians, a highly educated and affluent demographic, listen to podcasts for approximately seven hours weekly. In 2022, Australians downloaded 755 million podcasts, highlighting the medium’s vast reach and potential for brand awareness and engagement.

Podcasts offer a unique opportunity for brands to connect with consumers on a deeper level, fostering a relationship characterised by trust and loyalty.

Leading industry figures and brands have turned to Bahar and her team to explore the potential of podcasting. Global and local leaders in aesthetics, longevity, wellness and beauty have trusted Ageless by Rescu as their go to podcast partner to reach a targeted and growing consumer audience.

We spoke to Bahar on the power of podcasting in the aesthetics industry.

Bahar, what makes a great podcast?

Podcasting is a storytelling medium. A great podcast is one where there is a connection between the host, the listener and the subject matter. A great podcast expands your digital brand, amplifies your expert voice, and cements your authority with content that works harder and lives longer.

With 201 podcast episodes, over 2,000 videos, 15,000 articles, and five digital magazines, Ageless by Rescu has established itself as a multi-platform powerhouse, reaching an engaged audience of over 28,000 social media followers and 20,000 subscribers. Pictured: Bahar Etminan

Podcasting is intimate, authentic, and creates a 1:1 environment for brand and expert communication. This ensures podcast messaging is integrated, captures the attention and drives consideration.

The market is so competitive with many regulatory and tech challenges. Podcasting was and is a unique medium for storytelling, showcasing expertise and providing information in an entertaining way.

How do you measure the ’success’ of a podcast or the ROI – is it purely listener numbers?

Many people make the mistake of imitating well-known individuals, competitors or characters – resulting in diluted focus and lacklustre results. A key measure of success in podcasting is the ability to articulate and own a unique brand voice.

Another measure is the amount of time spent interacting with your message. Typically, a podcast engagement is around 20 minutes of listen time per session. This is significantly more than any other media including reels, tik tok, long format articles.

Podcasts are a way to cut through the social media noise to create an indelible, prestigious and evergreen suite of digital assets to showcase your personal brand.

Why should an aesthetic or wellness practitioner have a podcast?

In the July 1 2023 changes to advertising and social media rules in the aesthetics industry, many professionals are scrambling to find a voice and medium to share their expertise and educate their clients. The new guidelines emphasise professionalism, accurate information and transparency.

For aesthetic professionals, the audience tunes in because they seek content and advice from an authentic, reliable source. It’s also companionship, not mere entertainment. Longform content serves as the vessel for the audience to truly acquaint themselves with the host beyond just observing their performance which is often the case with social content.

The audience’s trust rests on three pillars- all of which are easily demonstrated via podcasting’s ability to deliver audio and video long format content. The pillars of trust are:

  • Competence – Showcase your mastery to cement credibility.
  • Integrity – Uphold your values, demonstrating consistency.
  • Emotional Safety – Nurture an environment where vulnerability is embraced, enabling authenticity to flourish.

Podcasting is intimate, authentic, and creates a 1:1 environment for brand messages. This ensures podcast advertising is integrated, captures attention and drives consideration.

What are some important aspects to consider to stay compliant?

Given our podcast production service is based on scripted, pre recorded, fully produced and editable content, our ability to stay compliant is significantly improved. We offer a full production service including research, editing, scripting, in studio executive production and where necessary can also connect with a compliance consultant to review all content before it is recorded and after it is edited.

Furthermore, in the event of change to legislation (as we have just seen with TGA regulations around wording for injectables) the content can be edited and finessed in line with updated regulatory requirements.

BE Ageless offers complete plug and play solutions to launch a client’s channel and their first 10 season episode within 10 weeks from engagement, including audio, video, and marketing assets. For more information, visit

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