7 Podcasts To Level Up Your Knowledge As An Aesthetic Practitioner

Suitable for on-the-go learning for your commute to work, or to stay ahead of the curve!

Whether you’re a seasoned aesthetic practitioner or just starting out in the industry, expanding your knowledge is essential for professional growth. Podcasts have emerged as a popular medium for learning, allowing you to dive into various topics anytime, anywhere.

From skincare and aesthetic trends to advanced techniques and business strategies, there’s a wealth of information waiting to be explored. We’ll introduce you to our top-pick podcasts that will help you level up your knowledge and keep you at the forefront of the aesthetics industry.

So, grab your earphones and get ready to elevate your expertise in the field!

The Power of Protons

A pHformula Australia podcast for skin specialists. Join Danielle as she explores the always-evolving professional beauty, skin, dermal and aesthetics industry and delivers highly researched content designed to empower, educate, and inspire.

Skincare Social

Skincare Social with Jennifer Rudd, Founder of Skincare Business Foundations, is dedicated to educating and inspiring skincare and beauty brand founders to help you build a brand that lasts – no matter which stage of the business journey you’re at.

Skin & Sass

The podcast talking all things skin (with a side of sass!) with hosts Kelly George RN and Andy Polson.

The Fit Injector

The Fit Injector podcast is an extension of host Felicity’s YouTube channel. Felicity is a Registered Nurse, Cosmetic Injector, new Mum, fitness competitor & founder of The Fit Injector Clinic.

Inside Aesthetics

Inside Aesthetics (IA) was founded by Dr Jake Sloane & David Segal in 2019. Fed up with the hype and misinformation on social media about their industry, they started podcasting to share their experiences and to showcase expert guest insights.

The FACE Podcast with Alex Pike

The Face Podcast with Alex Pike features interviews with the world’s leading Plastic Surgeons. Educating listeners on the latest trends, cutting-edge procedures, and revolutionary techniques in the aesthetic industry.

The Skin Science Podcast with Thomas Hitchcock (Ph.D)

The Skin Science Podcast, hosted by Crown’s Chief Science Officer, Thomas Hitchcock, Ph.D. and assisted by Angela McDonald, Senior Director of Education for Crown Aesthetics, features in depth discussions about all things skin science.

Happy listening!

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