Why pHformula Is The Skin Resurfacing Brand That Should Be On Your Radar in 2024

Meet the world’s first pharma-cosmeceutical skincare line, based on the technology of regenerative medicine.

Where innovation meets science, there emerges a brand that has captured the attention of skin specialists globally – pHformula. This revolutionary dermatological skincare system, founded by the visionary Petru van Zyl in Barcelona in 2010, has not only gained international acclaim but has also become a beacon of excellence for skin specialists in Australia, thanks to the passionate advocacy of Danielle Hughes, Director of pHformula Australia.

Danielle Hughes, a respected figure in the skincare industry, shares her enthusiasm for pHformula, highlighting its remarkable success over the past 13 years across 45 countries. She emphasises the brand’s commitment to science, drive for innovation, and, most importantly, the tangible results it delivers.

pHformula represents a unique opportunity to reinvent clinical offerings, energise teams through exceptional education opportunities, and set a new standard for patient expectations.

One of the key strengths of pHformula, as pointed out by Danielle, is its ability to deliver on promises. In an industry saturated with products, pHformula stands out not only for its appealing packaging and marketability but also for its proven efficacy.

She notes that the brand commands sustained loyalty by consistently delivering the promised outcomes, a testament to its competitive advantage.

The versatility of pHformula is another aspect that captivates Danielle. With over 50 different treatments and varying degrees of intensity, skin specialists have the freedom to think outside the box and engage their creativity in developing personalised treatment programs.

Moreover, the brand offers a breadth of options, ensuring that clinicians never get bored.

As a dermal clinician, Danielle emphasises the importance of minimising the risk of irritation and downtime post-treatment. pHformula aligns with her philosophy by revolutionising the delivery of free acids.

The controlled resurfacing approach maximises the release of protons, achieving impressive and sustainable regenerative outcomes without compromising the skin’s integrity.

A brand overview reveals that pHformula is firmly grounded in science, with a foundation built on decades of collective experience in the medical, pharmaceutical, and cosmeceutical industries.

Represented in over 45 countries, pHformula is known for its carefully calibrated topical solutions that deliver free acids into the skin while minimising traditional peeling side effects.

pHformula’s exclusive delivery vehicle complex, PH-DVC™, sets it apart by delivering unbuffered acids precisely and rapidly into the skin. This approach bypasses surface irritation, maximises proton release, and achieves superior regenerative outcomes without unnecessary downtime.

The brand addresses the specific needs of four identified skin disorders, offering customisability with leave-on and layer-dependent treatment solutions at various intensity levels.

At the core of pHformula is the ART CLUB – an advanced Skin Academy designed with skin specialists in mind. This commitment to education and empowerment is evident in the meticulously crafted programs and resources offered by pHformula.

The ART CLUB welcomes skin specialists globally, fostering an environment where the artistry of formulation is highly respected, knowledge is shared, and comprehensive training is extended.

pHformula has emerged not just as a skincare brand but as a transformative force in dermatology. With a commitment to science, innovation, and education, pHformula is redefining the skincare landscape and empowering skin specialists to achieve unparalleled success in their professional journey.

As Danielle aptly puts it, pHformula is more than a brand; it’s a significant opportunity for reinvention and excellence in the skincare industry. Visit phformula.com.au for more information.

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