3 Practitioners Share Why They Use This Iconic Skincare Brand

One renowned skincare line continues to stand out among practitioners and professionals alike – Dr. Spiller.

Developed over 50 years ago in Germany, Dr. Spiller has become an iconic brand among skin experts. At the heart of Dr. Spiller’s allure is a dedication to science-backed formulations, with a particular emphasis on biomimetic ingredients. Practitioners praise the brand’s innovative approach, which mimics the natural processes of the skin, ensuring optimal compatibility and absorption.

Dr. Spiller’s biomimetic formulas go beyond mere skincare – they harmonise with the skin’s biology, promoting lasting radiance and health.

The personalised approach offered by Dr. Spiller is another facet that resonates deeply with skincare professionals. Tailoring skincare routines to individual needs is a cornerstone of the brand’s philosophy, reflecting a commitment to addressing the diverse concerns of various skin types.

Dr. Spiller’s timeless formulations have proven to withstand the test of time. As trends come and go, this brand remains a steadfast choice for practitioners seeking longevity and consistency.

Our chats with these 3 skincare practitioners: Katelin Gregg, Co-Founder of Fayshell; Bronte Clinton, Founder of Elysian Beauty & Wellness; and Samantha Appel, Founder of The Skin Bar, reveal how Dr. Spiller’s enduring reputation for quality has translated into enhanced client satisfaction and loyalty.

Co-Founder of Fayshell, Katelin Gregg (pictured left)

Katelin, why did you select Dr. Spiller out of all the skincare range options out there for Fayshell?

Dr. Spiller was a bit of a no-brainer for our business when we launched Fayshell. Having our podcast prior to launching the business, we were constantly trying new brands (nearly every cosmeceutical that exists under the sun!) and this was one that we not only personally believed in, but one that our audience loved and always provided such positive feedback.

The products are at an affordable price point whilst having that luxurious feel that we all love from our skincare products, and best of all drive great results!

In your opinion, what sets Dr. Spiller apart from other ranges?

They are lightweight, however, pack a punch and deliver all the goodness and active ingredients of any advanced creams that we have used!

What have you noticed your clients are drawn to, or therapists find unique about the range?

The feel that the products leave on our client’s skin and the overall smoothness and glow that it provide. We have clients come back religiously to purchase all of the Dr. Spiller creams- these fly off our shelves!

Founder of Elysian Beauty and Wellness, Bronte Clinton

Bronte, what products from the Dr. Spiller range are your go-to’s?

My go-to’s are the Propolis day cream, an amazing antibacterial cream for acne skins; Collagen aqua plus is my go-to serum for almost EVERYONE, it is the most luxurious, hydrating, plumping serum you’ll ever try. And the Sanvita Cream is so calming and hydrating, and always my go-to! 

How flexible is the range amongst varied skin conditions? 

VERY! I’ve never in my 12 years (on and off) of working with Dr. Spiller not been able to treat a skin. Just with how it works to repair the skin’s barrier and properly hydrate the skin I’ll find it almost always starts treating all the other issues (pigment, sensitivity, acne) when the skin is just functioning how it should be naturally.

In your opinion, what makes Dr. Spiller stand out above other ranges?

For me it’s how it is biomimetic. So it’s going to work for almost everyone. The science behind it doesn’t lie. You’re not going against how the skin is trying to work naturally, you’re working with the skin. It’s also one of those products, which, after you’ve tried the brand, NOTHING ever compares to how it feels. I always say once you go Spiller, there’s no going back!

Samantha Appel – Founder of The Skin Bar

Sam, if you could choose 3 top products from the range, what would they be and why?

Dr. Spiller Collagen Cream is our best selling Dr Spiller product. This product has been so well designed and is my favourite go-to for every dry and dehydrated skin type. 

Dr. Spiller Cucumber Toner – We love this product, and choose it as our number one toner for all skin types. It provides lush omega 3s and doesn’t strip the skin barrier back like toners with acids and harsh AHA/BHAs. 

Dr. Spiller Jojoba Peeling Cream. This exfoliant is our go-to for post skin needling and other clinical treatments, it’s such a beautiful texture which doesn’t strip the barrier.  This beautiful formulation gently buffs the skin without stripping it back.

What led to your decision in selecting Dr. Spiller as your skincare line in-clinic?

The fact the brand has been around for over 50 years is always promising.

I love the biomimetic science behind Dr. Spiller formulations, and find their moisturises are hard to beat when it comes to long-lasting hydration. There is something for everyone in this range. 

Dr Spiller is distributed by Omniderm in Australia.

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