This Skincare Brand Is Ditching Retail Partners

Sircuit Skin is going against the grain choosing to only sell its products through clinics instead of traditional retail channels.

The rise of direct to consumer success in recent years has had a big impact on the skincare and beauty retail space. Consumers are choosing to shop direct with the brands they know and love more than ever. Sircuit Skin is choosing to change things up once again. Its unique retail model sees its cosmeceutical skincare sold only through a consultation with selected clinic and salon partners.

We chatted to Ally Gibson, the Distributor across Australia and New Zealand for Sircuit Skin, about their unique retail concept.

A lot of brands these days focus on getting on as many retail shelves as possible, but Sircuit Skin is bucking that trend. What was the inspiration behind the choice to only sell in clinics and beauty salons?

Our focus is to support salons and clinics. The only way to do this is with continued loyalty by retailing only through carefully selected partners. Particularly during covid, where many companies by-passed the salon and sold online, we remained loyal to our partners that have supported our business from the beginning. We know that it’s during these times that you see a company’s true motivation and integrity, and ours is unwavering.

We’re also providing a high-end cosmeceutical range to a consumer which should only be prescribed by a qualified therapist or clinician. In the wrong hands active ingredients can give an unwanted skin response. When prescribed correctly we see amazing results, improved elasticity, and clear, glowing skin. 

How does this curated approach to retail benefit the client?

There’s absolutely no guess work involved – your therapist is doing the work for you! No time is being wasted trialling and testing ingredients which may treat a particular concern. A thorough analysis is conducted to answer these questions for you.

Can you talk us through the consultation process? What can clients expect?

Clients can expect a one-on-one consultation with their therapist, whether it be face to face or via zoom as many salons have transitioned across to. 

We discuss skin conditions, allergies and concerns along with previous skin history to form a profile of how a client’s skin may tolerate particular products. A treatment program normally consisting of both homecare and in clinic treatments will be mapped out. Then, budget and time dependant, the client can begin their skin journey.

How does Sircuit choose which clinics to work with? Is there training provided to team members who’ll be consulting with clients? 

Sircuit stockists must have qualified, knowledgeable staff to fulfil the needs of their clients and maintain the brand’s exclusive image.

We have Business Development Managers providing training in salon upon placement of opening orders. And there are training hubs throughout Australia for group training sessions and opportunities to meet fellow stockists.

Training will focus on brand philosophy, cosmetic chemistry and hero ingredients, features and benefits to aid in retailing along with practical application and protocols for all peels. 

Can you tell us what you love about Sircuit?

Sircuit is exclusive in the way it’s retailed in a skin clinic environment but is inclusive of all skin conditions. Whether you’re a teen suffering from oil related acne, a woman in their forties dealing with hormonal, menopausal breakouts or a true dry skin needing to restore vibrancy and elasticity there is a home care protocol that can be designed around your concerns.

I also can’t help but love the catchy product names, the indulgent ingredients and stunning iridescent packaging. The brand is highly eco-conscious too so a consumer can be guilt free when purchasing recyclable packaging and sustainable ingredients. And it’s completely vegan without any testing on animals. 


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