Are Pore Strips Making A Comeback? Why This Doctor Recommends Them To Her Patients

Bioré welcomes Dr. Yumiko Kadota as their new Brand Ambassador for 2024.

Bioré is thrilled to announce Dr. Yumiko Kadota as their new brand ambassador for 2024. Dr. Yumiko, Doctor, cosmetic physician, and founder of Sydney Face Doctor, brings a wealth of expertise in various aesthetic treatments to the table.

Specialising in cosmetic injectables, collagen induction therapy, and advanced skin treatments like laser and radiofrequency therapies, Dr. Yumiko has ammassed a global following on TikTok by sharing her skincare knowledge and tips.

In Australia, where acne affects a staggering 85% of individuals aged 15-24, skincare is more than just a beauty routine—it’s a necessity.

The prevalence of skincare-related content on social media platforms like TikTok, with hashtags like #pores reaching over 65,000 mentions, underscores the significance of proper skincare routines among the younger demographic.

Understanding the need for effective solutions, Bioré has teamed up with Dr. Yumiko to address these concerns head-on.

One of the most iconic products in Bioré’s lineup is its pore strips, renowned for effectively removing pore gunk and impurities. Dr. Yumiko’s decade-long journey with Bioré pore strips underscores her genuine belief in the brand’s commitment to delivering results-driven, user-friendly, and affordable skincare solutions.

Dr. Yumiko’s partnership with Bioré signifies a new era in skincare education. By combining her medical expertise with Bioré’s innovative products, the collaboration aims to empower individuals to achieve healthier, clearer skin.

Reflecting on her personal experience, Dr. Yumiko shares, “Over the past 10 years, Bioré has always been my consistent go-to for skincare. From my younger years to the present, Bioré has remained a reliable brand for achieving fantastic results.”

We caught up with Dr. Yumiko to find out the real details on pore strips – and if they are as beneficial as they seem?

Dr Yumiko, what is the biggest misconception with pore strips?

One of the biggest misconceptions about pore strips is that they are damaging to your skin. They can be an excellent adjunct to a balanced skin care routine for clogged pores – they are even a recommended clinical treatment in removing tufts of hair (trichostasis spinulosa) which can look like blackheads or sebaceous filaments.

The polyquaternium-37 ingredient in the Bioré Pore Strips becomes activated by water to become cationic (positively charged), which binds to substances that clog the pore which are predominantly negatively charged. It thereby acts like a magnet to whatʼs inside the pores rather than the surrounding, healthy skin. This is why itʼs important to wet the skin before application.

Who SHOULD and who SHOULDNʼT be using them?

Most people with blackheads can benefit from the Bioré Pore Strips. However, they should not be used in active acne (whiteheads, cystic acne).

Those with sensitive/sensitised skin or inflammatory conditions such as rosacea and eczema may wish to avoid Pore Strips or consult with a dermatologist before use.

Are pore strips worth using ongoingly for further benefits? Or are they as temporary as waxing for example?

Pore care is different to hair removal, where the goal is to stop hair regrowth. It is not possible to reduce the size of pores, or permanently get rid of sebaceous filaments as they are a normal, physiological component of the skin.

However, regular use of Pore Strips can reduce the appearance of pores. Itʼs a bit more like deep cleaning the bathroom or kitchen – regular small cleans are like your daily skin care, but once in a while you need to give it a deep clean.

A good maintenance routine for long term care of pores can look like: double cleansing at night, followed by a toner like Bioré Clear & Breathable 2% BHA toner, and a moisturiser. In the mornings, the most important thing is using SPF50+ sunscreen as the final step in skin care, and before makeup.

Sun exposure is a contributor to enlarged pores because it damages the collagen and elastin that give skin its integrity, therefore causing pores to stretch. Bioré Pore Strip can be done after the cleansing step every one to three days as part of this routine, and this should lead to long term improvement and maintenance for the appearance of pores.

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