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Firstly congratulations to Babor as they were recently presented with the prestigious spa Diamond award for the new and most important category, ‘Best spa Brand’. It is the 10th year that German publishing company Busche decorates brilliant achievements in the fields of spa, wellness and beauty.

‘We are extremely proud that we are winning this important spa industry award just now’, said Babor CEO Michael Schummert, who personally accepted the award. ‘At Babor, the year 2013 is dedicated to the beautiful topic of spa more than ever: in autumn (Australian Spring) the spa industry can expect some exciting news from Babor!’ Babor succeeded in convincing the jury of its outstanding spa services when it comes to supporting spa-partners with effective products, elaborated treatments, sophisticated training and expert consultation.

And in other exciting news Babor’s results driven cosmeceutical skincare range ‘Doctor Babor’, has now been expanded to the body.

DOCTOR Babor BODY CELLULAR range encompasses precisely formulated performance products tailored to tackle the most common problem areas of the body. Each contains effective, plant-based high-tech active ingredients that significantly improve the skin structure on a cellular level to bring forth a beautiful appearance.

ULTIMATE FORMING BODY Cream is not only ideal for improving stretch marks, but also intensively regenerates stressed skin. Tripeptide-1 and Chlorella vulgaris extract, from green algae, stimulate tissue regeneration and BIOGEN PLANT extract, comprised of eight different medicinal herbs, promotes cell regeneration and supplies moisture.

ULTIMATE 3D CELLULITE Lotion contains an innovative 3D active complex of hexapeptide-39, caffeine and forskolin to treat cellulite in multiple layers of the skin. Hexapeptide-39 and caffeine inhibit fat cell maturation and accelerate fat breakdown to prevent and diminish fat deposits in skin tissue. Forskolin then flushes fatty acids out of the body so cellulite doesn’t stand a chance.

ULTIMATE POST EPIL Fluid calms and relaxes the skin after hair removal. Salicylic acid has a keratolytic effect that gently removes dead skin cells and prevents ingrown hairs. Panthenol and ethanol have a calming, smoothing and slightly cooling effect on stressed skin.


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