Galderma Identifies 6 Themes In Their ‘NEXT’ Trend Report

‘What’s next’ in the Aesthetics industry is now here, as published in a recent report by Galderma.

Enter a new-age where the impact of social media, advancements in aesthetic technology, expert knowledge, and ease of access converge with the changing preferences of consumers.

In today’s world, individuals seek treatments that mirror their identity, resonate with their values, aid in future readiness, and adapt to emerging trends.

Once exclusive to certain demographics, aesthetic procedures are poised to become commonplace, intersecting with mainstream beauty and fashion.

This growing demand will significantly influence the future landscape of aesthetic options. Eager to remain ahead of the curve? Explore the six pivotal trends on the horizon as listed by Galderma’s NEXT report.

Proactive beauty

The variety of preventative treatments will see a significant expansion as the ability to manage the ageing process becomes increasingly attainable, accessible, and efficient. Despite an eightfold increase in social media coverage of biostimulators from 2010 to 2020, the attractiveness and potential of collagen-boosting treatments are far from reaching their peak, with nearly 75% of plastic surgeons reporting increases in patients under 30 years old.

Mindful aesthetics

Anticipate a rise in aesthetic procedures geared towards achieving natural-looking outcomes, utilising plant-based components, and emphasising sustainable qualities.

As clients seek to ensure that their aesthetic procedures resonate with their values, sustainable packaging and practices will emerge as the expected norm.

From opting for ‘free from’ and ethically formulated products to embracing the trend of ‘skinimalism’ for more natural results, the aesthetic sector is poised to mirror the beauty industry in adopting these preferences.

Fast aesthetics

Due to their unpredictable nature, accurately forecasting which aesthetic trends will gain traction as the next fleeting “must-have” look is challenging.

For instance, consider the Google searches for ‘buccal fat removal,’ which surged at the end of December 2022 but plummeted by 87% by early July 2023.

Given the current pattern of fluctuating trends, it appears reasonable to assume that the trend towards ‘fast aesthetics’ is unlikely to diminish in the near future. Instead, we can expect heightened discussions on ethics and more stringent regulations concerning the assessment of practitioners.

Beauty fandom

The rise of social media has led to heightened awareness and comprehension of aesthetic treatments. Aesthetic professionals leverage social platforms to build significant followings, showcasing the broad influence that the realm of aesthetics commands.

The need to go beyond a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is set to grow, with consultations that consider all patients’ desired outcomes – even if they differ from typical beauty standards


This trend underscores the need to confront and challenge stereotypes in the present moment. With 8 out of 10 Gen Z teenagers and Millennials asserting that ‘being yourself’ encapsulates their notion of beauty, there will be a shift in aesthetics towards enabling patients to express their unique identity.

Whether it involves exploring gender, preserving cultural heritage, or enhancing the customisation of treatments, individuality and self-expression lie at the heart of this trend.

Cancelling age

The desire for treatments aimed at improving and maintaining one’s appearance leads the forefront of contemporary beauty ideology. Practitioners are adopting a holistic approach to enhance skin quality, employing a blend of treatments to achieve enduring results and enhance its beauty.

Despite advancing in age, many individuals feel healthier and more youthful, with 70% of those over 60 expressing, “I feel younger than most people my age.” The forthcoming face and body standards will need to align with our internal sense of vitality.

Prioritising the preservation of one’s appearance as much as their health sets the course from the present into the future.

Galderma’s NEXT report was conducted in the US, and we look forward to a more local approach through Galderma ANZ soon.

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