Why Fat Dissolving Injectables May Not Be The Solution

Exploring the nuances of a common cosmetic intervention for unwanted fat.

In the pursuit of aesthetic perfection, the allure of fat dissolving injections have taken centre stage, promising targeted and effective fat reduction solutions. However, in the realm of medical procedures, discernment and comprehension are paramount. Here to provide profound insights is Ashleigh Robinson, a distinguished Nurse Practitioner and the mastermind behind Tox Bar in Newtown, Geelong.

Amidst the glossy promises, Ashleigh guides us through the underpinnings of the procedure, considerations for patient selection, potential drawbacks, and viable alternatives. Here is what her take is on the treatment that is commonly asked for amongst patients.

Ashleigh Robinson’s vision was to provide a diverse array of cosmetic injectables, non-surgical procedures, and beauty treatments at her Newtown-based clinic, Tox Bar.

Please share with us how fat dissolving injections work?

Submental fat dissolving works by specifically targeting submental fullness under the chin using a Deoxycholic acid which works to destroy fat cells in the area. This treatment is fantastic for stubborn fat which may not respond to traditional weight loss options. Submental fat dissolving treatment takes approximately six weeks to achieve results, and patients generally require between two and six treatments to maximise their outcome.

What considerations must be made when selecting a suitable candidate for this treatment?

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when determining whether a patient would be a suitable candidate for submental fat dissolving treatments including  genetic predisposition, assessing proportions of the face such as length of chin, length of neck and type of fat noted in the area. Skin laxity is equally as important to consider, as considerable recent weight loss or sagging to the skin in the neck area will not improve the appearance if submental fat dissolving is performed, as it will actually make it worse. A holistic assessment is generally recommended to predict outcomes and determine what steps may need to be taken firstly.

Why are some patients not suitable for treatment?

Some patients may not be suitable for this treatment if they have certain underlying medical conditions such as thyroid dysfunction or impaired skin healing. Other factors such as the patient’s length of neck – if short from chin to hyoid bone in the neck, the patient may not achieve the desired result as this caused a structural deficit rather than submental fat. One other consideration for treatment is downtime related to submental fat dissolving. Moderate swelling is expected and some patients may find this impacts their daily activities. Tox Bar provides patients with a thorough aftercare management plan using Arnicare’s healing cream and LED light therapy to reduce side effects such as swelling and inflammation to the area.

For patients who are seeking treatment but may be not identified as a suitable candidate, what other options for treatment may be just as effective?

Patients that may not be suitable for submental fat dissolving initially may respond well to lower face augmentation using dermal filler to treat the chin and jawline area to assist with lengthening and providing structural support to these areas. In some cases reduction of the massesster muscle, mentalis and depressor angular oris (DAO) with antiwrinkle injections may improve the appearance of heaviness in the lower face. Once these treatments are performed, a further assessment of the submental area may be performed to determine if the patient may now be suitable for submental fat reduction. 

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