Here’s Why You Should Nominate Your Business For This Year’s Spa & Wellness Awards

Immerse yourself in a world of wellness.

Get ready to be fully immersed in an unparalleled wellness journey that goes beyond the ordinary. The Spa & Wellness Awards 2023 extends its warm welcome to all individuals who are passionate about wellness, from business owners in the spa and wellness industry to those who seek to explore the depths of longevity. This event is not just another gathering; it’s a convergence of minds, a celebration of well-being, and a stepping stone toward a future of vibrant living. SPA+CLINIC is, once again, a proud media partner.

Details of the event

The upcoming award event, scheduled for October 29, will take place at the recently refurbished InterContinental Hotel in Sorrento, a location that proudly hosts the renowned Aurora Bathhouse & Spa, a recipient of prestigious awards.

Following the Sunday award event, Monday will host the Longevity & Wellness Summit, an immersive, unique, one-day event specifically for businesses in the Spa, Wellness & Wellness Tourism space, held at the Peninsula Hot Springs.

Prepare to be enthralled by a multi-dimensional experience that incorporates insightful panels, captivating TEDTalks, and thought-provoking keynotes. Upon registration, all delegates will receive an exclusive Bathing Pass, granting them access to the renowned Aurora, Alba, and Peninsula Hot Springs.

Unwind in the healing embrace of natural thermal waters

Tap into the 4 key topic pillars of the event, exploring biohacking & bathing, regenerative business, professional wellness and integrated wellness. This one-day event will bring together experts to impart their ideas, in an immersive, fun, hands-on way.

Categories for recognition for the Awards event include consumer-driven awards, spa, travel, people, wellness and beauty, Nominations for the Spa & Wellness Awards 2023 are open until September 8, and absolutely anyone can nominate, even if it’s your own business. Submit your nomination here.

Those nominated for an award will enjoy:

  • Nationwide exposure and recognition from industry and consumers alike
  • Access to a network of peers in the spa and wellness industry
  • All nominees receive a free 12 month business listing on the Spa & Wellness website (valued at $490)
  • All nominees will receive exposure on social media channels

Mark your calendars and prepare to embark on a journey that promises to redefine your perception of wellness. Join us at the Spa & Wellness Awards 2023 and be part of a movement that celebrates the art of living well.

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