Here’s Why You Should Enter Business Awards

Whether they are generalised business awards or industry-specific, there are countless benefits offered by entering business awards. Even if you don’t win, we guarantee the actual process and journey of simply entering for a business award will be helpful to you in one way or another. These benefits can extend anyway from the running of your business, to exposure and networking opportunities.

Critical analysis of your business
No matter which you end up choosing, business awards generally require an extensive application process. This can be strenuous and sometimes take several days, but can actually provide a rewarding opportunity to analyse the intricate workings of your business; your history, growth, staff, procedures, troubleshooting and more. Treat this as a positive format to review the way you operate, how you feel about it as you put pen to paper (more likely fingertips to keys!) and list any changes you might want to implement in the future.

Nailing down your branding
In much the same way, the application process often requires you to establish core branding qualities about your business that you may not have thought deeply about before – what your business values are, what you stand for, what you aim to achieve for your clients and how you differ from the competition. If you’re unsure, take your time to firmly establish this – this is really the core of your business, and you should take the time to tell your unique story properly. You should also be using your renewed and/or strengthened brand positioning and use this throughout your business and collateral, ie. any new business descriptions, concepts or ideals you’ve described, and why not use these across your website, brochures, signage and/or social media? Consider the entry process an opportunity for a branding makeover!

Positioning yourself as a leader
If your business wins or places as a finalist, remember to use this achievement wherever you can. Add the new title to your website, post about it on social media, or display the awards winner/finalist logo in your window. This will add invaluable credibility to your business.

Coverage & exposure
This will also rely on your business either winning or placing as a finalist, but if you do, you’ll also be receiving some fantastic exposure for your business, with your name heard and your story told not only at the awards, but on the awards website and in most cases coinciding social media. This is another great piece of sharable content to increase your credibility further.

Networking opportunities
Attending the ceremony, particularly for industry-specific awards, is a wonderful networking opportunity for you to meet like-minded business owners, share your experiences, strike up some potential partnerships, and even share some tips for next year’s awards!