What Concerns You Drives Us

What concerns you as a business (like, what gives you the heebie jeebies, what is holding you back, what forces are hindering or helping you, and what will help make it/you grow and prosper), is what makes SPA+CLINIC tick. It’s our reason for being.

So … we did a survey recently of what you are feeling, thinking, and experiencing – and we received some very interesting feedback that will help us craft future stories for our magazines and website.

We hope your feedback won’t stop at the survey – we would love to hear more from you on a regular basis. Say, from this story and those in future that capture your particular interest. All you have to do is email us your thoughts and ideas: editorial@www.spaandclinic.com.au.

Let us give you a snapshot from across the survey spectrum.


In coming weeks, we will address these issues as individual stories with suggested solutions. We look forward to your further feedback in the meantime!