What you need to know about Working Abroad

Considering a seachange in 2016? CIDESCO launches its international guide to working abroad in beauty and spa.

The expat life has its appeal, as many of us wish to find a new challenge and explore a new world. Whether moving for a career change, with your partner or setting out on your own adventure, there are numerous tasks and decisions that lie ahead when planning your move.

Whilst an exciting prospect, moving and working abroad can also be very daunting – a new country, new culture and new way of life.

To help ease the process, CIDESCO has launched its ‘International Guide to Working Abroad’, as a collated response to the questions CIDESCO regularly receives from its students.

Touching on subjects including ‘doing your research’, ‘preparing for culture shock’ and ‘knowing your rights’, CIDESCO’s guide draws on the experience of its own members as well as Debbie Weaver, the Head of International Recruitment at Steiner.

The guide further advises on making friends and how, by fully immersing yourself into the country, whether through learning the local language or joining a team sport, you will instantly start to feel more at home

As the first in their new ‘Guide Series’, CIDESCO will be compiling further guides over the coming months.

“Many of us already have a country in mind when we think about moving abroad, but for the Beauty Industry, the country you first thought of may not be the best choice for your career or finances. It’s important to weigh up your options and choose carefully,” says Debbie.

“Consider taxes, healthcare provisions and the cost of general living before committing to a move. Ideally visit your chosen destination first and see what you are getting yourself into. For example, taxes in countries such as Dubai are non – existent, and similarly taxes in Singapore start at 3.5 per cent of your annual income, going even higher in other countries.

Cidesco Abroad STORY“Will you still be able to enjoy your standard of living given your new tax figure? In the same manner, location affects salary. The USA pay is lower compared to that of the UK as salon and spa businesses often rely heavily on gratuity. Knowing the financial state of your current and potential situation will ensure a smooth transition to your chosen country.

“In addition, healthcare is often something that is overlooked. Remember that the quality of care in your home country may be different to that in another’s. You may need private health care and if so, what is the cost and is this offered by your potential employer? Also ask yourself whether your qualifications are acceptable in the country you are travelling to.”



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