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Here are 4 easy steps provided by The Medical Business Academy:

Know your clients’ emotional triggers in their journey

Building emotional engagement with your clients is one of the most important parts of their journey. How can you determine this? The Medical Business Academy offers these tips.

Walk the patient journey as if you were the client. Wear your three hats: are your clients head thinkers, heart thinkers or gut thinkers?

By experiencing this journey yourself, you can map out the areas of the patient journey that generate emotions and the related decisions your client may make.

Combined with your expertise, establishing an emotional connection with your clients throughout their journey will differentiate your practice and be meaningful and very much appreciated by your clients.

Put yourself in their shoes

Defining the emotions you want your clients to experience through their journey leads to loyalty.

Your end goal is having a client for life, create a plan and get there! Do you just want to treat your clients or do you want to really know, value and empathise with them?

Don’t think or judge, just listen

Communication is key. You can’t create an exceptional experience for your client if you don’t have the information you need.

Having an understanding of what creates value for your client to create an experience they would want to repeat, will also help you meet your emotional goals.

If you are out of sync with your clients you will lack the customer focus required to create an unforgettable experience for them.

Experience tells us that you can’t just take what a client says as fact.

To figure out what they really want you need to peel back the layers to discover the truth behind what is really important to them.

Have they come to you for a want, a need or a desire? Take the time to discover the truth of what your client wants. Ask questions and listen with intensity.

Always strive to improve the experience

Creating a team culture within your practice or business that is focused on your clients’ experience isn’t like other projects; it doesn’t have a target and it never gets completed.

While considering your clients’ emotional triggers and walking in their shoes creating your plan, you will choose how to measure your businesses progress.

There is always room for improvement: your clients’ journey is continuously evolving so you should measure how your clients feel by you providing an emotionally engaging experience, not just once but every time.Are you a practice owner that is busy doing ‘stuff’? Are you spending more time working ‘in’ the business rather than ‘on’ it?


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