Cellulite Solution


With around three weeks to the beginning of Spring, clients concerned by revealing what winter woollies have been concealing will love this intensive targeted treatment for trouble spots.

According to a study conducted by Phytomer*, after a month of using Celluli Attack, areas of cellulite and stubborn fat were half as visible in one month.

Coupled with an ultra-smoothing AHA (glycolic acid), its contouring ingredients include:

  • Pepper Slimactiv, a pure pink pepper oil obtained from the seeds of Schinus terebinthifolius, known as the ‘false pepper tree’ native to South America, obtained by a high-tech 100 percent green method. Phytomer scientists discovered that this concentrated oil from pink berries is able to tackle stubborn fat to promote its elimination. It weakens the defences of mature adipocytes (fat cells) to facilitate their elimination. At the same time it limits the maturation of young adipocytes to limit their formation. Its lipolytic action is eight times more powerful than caffeine on fat, according to Phytomer in vitro tests.
  • Sea absinthium: Tracks sugar to put the adipocytes on a forced ‘diet’.
  • Sea grape: Balances the functioning of the genes involved in the development of cellulite.



* Self-evaluation carried out by 56 women Рaverage value, evaluation of the improvement in the appearance of the skin, twice daily application for 28 days: Less visible cellulite: 120 percent; Smoother cellulite: 124 percent; Stubborn fat reduced: 100 percent; Dimpled skin reduced: 110 percent

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