Scare Cellulite Away


At the mid point of winter, it’s a good time to encourage clients to start thinking about the big reveal in summer – as in, wearing swimsuits, shorts and sun dresses.

More than 90 percent of woman experience cellulite to some degree and it’s more than likely to have ‘grown’ over the colder months with less physical activity and more comfort eating and drinking.

Cellulite results from a number of chronic, progressive changes in the connective tissue that affect fat tissue, causing long-term changes in the appearance of the skin. These include fluid retention, localised fat deposits that contribute to the signature ‘cottage cheese’ dimpling and skin laxity.

bodyshock by Mesoestetic is a multi-level professional treatment program for silhouette remodelling, adaptable to a client’s key concerns. It is designed to target cellulite at three levels:

1. Stimulate microcirculation, resulting in improved tissue nutrition and oxygenation.

2. Reduce the appearance of fat ‘nodes’ for a smoother contour.

3. Increase synthesis of elastin and collagen along with fibroblast production in the connective tissue for greater firmness and elasticity of the treated area.

The home maintenance treatment systems combine topical cosmeceuticals and oral nutricosmetics. There are three, each for a different key concern:


drainingshock is a draining treatment method whose continuous use reduces the ‘cottage cheese’ effect. Active substances: Iodotrat, horse tail, focus.

slimmingshock is a daily treatment system whose active substances (horse chestnut, Centella Asiatica, caffeine and fennel seeds) help reduce fat nodules and sculpt the figure.

Firmingshock promotes a restructuring effect. Its frequent use helps return tightness and firmness to damaged skin. Active substances include amniotic fluid, plant placenta, collagen, elastin.

There is also a system – striashock – to help prevent stretch marks and improve their appearance by contributing to the repair of damaged connective tissue. Striashock is very effective for neweer, red stretch marks. Active substances are Centella Asiatica, avocado and borage oil, collagen, organic silicon.


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