Sharon Stone Wants To Help You


Sharon Stone looks barely older at 57 than she did 23 years ago in her breakthrough role as Basic Instinct’s baaaaad babe.

But she’s not afraid to admit to the world that she’s had ‘help’, as the first global celebrity to feature in a campaign for injectable aesthetic treatment.

Sharon has partnered with dermatology giant Galderma to raise awareness of their dermal fillers and skin hydration boosters (known to consumers as the Restalyne brand).

Whether your salon, spa or clinic provides injectable services or not, it pays to be up to speed with the latest breakthroughs and trends in injectable rejuvenation/enhancement.

This way you can provide your clients with invaluable information as they consider their anti-ageing options. And Sharon Stone aims to make this easier for you.

‘I am excited about Galderma’s new and innovative aesthetic techniques to create natural-looking results,’ the actress says.

‘I am looking forward to working with the company to make aesthetic treatments more accepted. It is inspiring when science meets beauty in such an effective way and I’m sure people will be impressed with the natural-looking results.’

The partnership was announced at the Real Life Event held last Saturday, May 28, during the 13th Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Medicine World Congress in Monaco.


Was that really 23 years ago …

As more than 23 million people underwent aesthetic treatments globally last year, according to Galderma research, and many more are curious but are concerned such treatments can produce extreme and unnatural results, the new campaign is set to prove that dermal fillers and skin hydration boosters can produce natural-looking rejuvenation and enhancement.

Galderma’s research has found that:

  • Almost nine in 10 patients (87.1 percent) choose aesthetic treatments for a feel-good boost as they head into middle age.
  • Almost two thirds (61.1 percent) of practitioners say their patients only want to look younger by five years or less.

Anne-Sophie Copin, Global Head of Skin Rejuvenation Aesthetics and Corrective, Galderma, said: ‘Almost 70 percent of the practitioners we work with reported that their patients most fear looking unnatural.

‘We want to shine a light on the subtle and natural-looking results of aesthetic treatments. Because we know it is hard for people to trust an image, we demonstrated results people can trust, in a real-life format [the Real Life Event in Monaco].

‘We wanted to challenge outdated perceptions and empower more people to make an informed decision.’

Galderma dermal fillers and hydration booster treatments (involving a series of tiny injections) are based on hyaluronic acid (HA), a sugar molecule that exists naturally in many organisms.

It is one of nature’s most versatile substances and can absorb up to 1000 times its own weight in water, making it a superior hydrator. It has many functions, including giving skin elasticity and volume.

Unique technology has meant that the HA used in Restalyne products is almost identical to that which occurs naturally in human skin.

Treatments provide an instant result but their effects can last up to 12 months, depending on the treatment area and the recipient’s physiology.

They are especially designed to deliver lasting moisturisation and are clinically proven to improve skin quality (in terms of elasticity, hydration and firmness and in reducing roughness) on the face, neck, hands and dcolletage.

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