Here’s How Cosmetic Injectors Can Practice Sustainability

Ways to make your business more sustainable as a cosmetic injector.

As climate change continues to pose a threat to the health of our planet, industries are increasingly being called upon to do their part in reducing their environmental impact. The medical aesthetics industry is no exception, and many companies and professionals within the industry are taking steps to become more sustainable. From sourcing eco-friendly ingredients to reducing waste and carbon emissions, there are many ways that medical professionals can make a positive impact on the environment, with the consideration of correct disposal of bio-hazardous materials and waste.

Go digital

Many companies are eliminating paper usage by innovating new digital paperwork systems and stepping away from paper consultation forms. Software systems such as Cliniko donate at least 2% of revenue to charity each year and is committed to remaining 100% carbon neutral.

Sharps & Waste Collection

New systems are being implemented across the industry, with a focus on minimising the labour of returning sharps containers and ensuring adequate disposal. An example of a company that is involved in this is Sustainable Salons, with their Sharps Collection Program:

  • Sustainable Salons ethically and responsibly disposes of sharps, preventing these materials from entering landfill
  • Proceeds from recycling materials are donated to OzHarvest & KiwiHarvest

Sustainable Salons also offer collection services for non-biohazardous waste materials such as packaging plastic and paper, which can be included in an existing sharps collection subscription.

Packaging and Plastic Reduction

Many companies are committed to reducing their packaging and plastic waste, such as Galderma, who offers the following:

  • Recyclable air pillows to fill space in packages
  • Matching box size to the shipment size as best as possible to reduce costs and carbon emissions

Sustainable Inventory Methods

Sustainable inventory methods for cosmetic injectors involve reducing waste and minimising environmental impact. One effective strategy is to order only the necessary amount of products and supplies to minimise excess inventory and avoid expiration of products. By implementing sustainable inventory methods, cosmetic injectors can reduce their impact on the environment while still providing quality services to their clients.

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