Sustainability Superstar

The Big Towel Company

The high cost of laundering towels has encouraged poor laundry practices, and cotton towels are susceptible to bacteria build-up and unpleasant odour.

Big Towel Company offers your clients an hygienic alternative: a clean, fresh and sanitised products that eliminates the risk of cross infection while reducing your carbon footprint.

Single-use disposable towels and thermal towels, bed sheets, headbands, wipes and beauty wraps will substantially reduce costs as well as enhance the customer experience, transforming the way your salon, spa or clinic does business.

They are silky-soft to touch, super hygienic, absorbent and odour-free.

Big Towel Company products are made from certified renewable sources of wood fibre, usually spruce or pine.

The trees are grown in forests that are constantly renewed. They are manufactured in modern state-of-the-art facilities using solar electricity and recycled water.

The towels will decompose naturally by occurring micro-organisms into CO2 and water. This is an ingenious option for businesses seeking a sustainable option.

Replacing cotton towels and other paraphernalia with Big Towel Company products means no unnecessary time spent in the laundry, no laundry chemicals contaminating the environment and no excess water usage.

Generous savings up to 44 percent are reported on electricity consumption by not washing and drying towels.

Staff no longer need spend hours washing and folding towels and so are more productive and effective in the business. Win, win!



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