Cosmetic Nurse Launches Industry First

In an Australian industry first, Registered Cosmetic Nurse Kelly George is gearing up to launch her own skincare line – with a twist. Noticing a gap in the market, Kelly decided to create KGA Body, a range of active cosmeceutical skincare for body as opposed to face, designed to complement in-clinic treatments for neck, décolletage, hands, stomach, etc.

Also the founder of Kelly George Aesthetics in Tamworth and former trainer for Allergan, Kelly knows her way around the medical aesthetics industry. Her passion for helping patients achieve natural results and her philosophy that “great skin is achieved through science, not marketing gimmicks” were the driving forces behind this breakthrough new range, which will launch in September this year.

We chatted with Kelly to bring you an exclusive sneak preview behind the brand, and what to expect when the new products drop.

What inspired the brand’s conception?
As a Cosmetic Nurse and owner of an aesthetic skin clinic, I am in the business of helping people with their skin issues.  While we tend to focus all our anti-ageing efforts to the face, it was becoming evident that women wanted to address ageing on other parts of their body.  More and more in the clinic we are providing laser treatments or PRP therapy to the décolletage, hands, arms, stomach and even knees! However, unlike when we treat the face, and send the patient home with medical-grade products as part of their post-care, I had nothing to offer specifically for the body.

So, I decided to create KGA Body, a professional range of anti-ageing products, based on science, developed specifically for the body.  I selected key active ingredients, proven to work at a cellular level, to resurface, regenerate and hydrate the skin.

Tell us about the range – what can we expect?
KGA Body is being launched with 3 initial products:

Step 1: “Resurface”, a 10% Glycolic Body Polish;

Step 2: “Regenerate”, a Retinol and Bakuchiol based Regenerating Cream; and

Step 3: “Hydrate”, a hydrating and firming serum containing Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C.

From conception, it was really important to me to ensure that I had high quality therapeutic ingredients that were based on science, but to be able to develop a range of products that were also cost effective for the consumer.

How did you decide on the aesthetics of the brand?
The branding for KGA Body was a natural progression from my personal brand, Kelly George Aesthetics.  I wanted fun and aesthetically pleasing, while remaining clinical and sleek, so I chose similar colours and fonts but mixed it up with a science theme and lots of luminous skin!

Where will the products be available? Can other practitioners stock the line?
Yes absolutely! While the range will be available for purchase directly from, I hope the products will be stocked at cosmetic clinics all around the country so other aesthetic practitioners can prescribe for their patients!

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