Why This Cosmetic Nurse Introduced Ultrasound Technology Into Her Injectable Appointments

Cosmetic RN Sylvia Crouch shares her insight into her decision process, and why cosmetic injectors should also consider doing so in a bid to further prioritise patient safety.

As cosmetic injectable treatments continue to rise in demand, many practitioners are exploring innovative technologies to enhance their service specialty and increase patient safety. One such technology is ultrasound imaging, which is being increasingly adopted by cosmetic nurses to offer safe and effective treatments to their patients. By using ultrasound, practitioners can see beneath the surface of the skin tissue, allowing for a more precise and accurate assessment of the patient’s needs.

Sylvia Crouch, Cosmetic RN and Founder of Angel Aesthetics, is one of the many injectors now incorporating the ultrasound technology into their clinic for injectable procedures. We caught up with Sylvia to discuss what led to her decision to bring this into her clinic, and how she uses the device in her day-to-day practice.

For the last three years, Angel Aesthetics has consecutively won the Australian Business Enterprise Award for ‘Best Cosmetic Clinic Queensland’. Sylvia continually trains with industry leaders, obtaining internationally recognised industry certificates. She imparts her wisdom and skills on the next generation of the aesthetics field through the Angel Aesthetics Institute, which she founded in 2020. The Institute aims to lift the quality of education and training in Australia.

With skills and unique internationally acclaimed techniques exclusive to the Angel Aesthetics clinics, like her signature lip filler and non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques, she has patients fly interstate and internationally for her treatments. A true expert, Sylvia treats on average 80 patients a week, and has now performed over 15,000 procedures. 

Sylvia Crouch, Founder of Angel Aesthetics & Cosmetic RN

Why did you introduce ultrasound to the clinic?

There are many benefits to visiting a clinic with an ultrasound device, which led to us introducing an ultrasound device into the clinic at Angel Aesthetics. This device allows us to perform facial mapping to avoid complications. It ensures we can confirm accurate filler placement and vascularity after injections are done. Using an ultrasound device will help to visualise the needle and nodules when treating such complications. This device helps us to know more about our patient including measuring the dermal thickness prior to microneedling. 

How does the ultrasound treatment work?

At Angel Aesthetics there is no extra cost charged if your clinician feels there is a need to use the ultrasound device pre-treatment. Like every ultrasound device, the application of ultrasound gel is applied to the treatment area to help conduct the ultrasound energy and protect the skin from any heat damage. Your aesthetician will use the handheld device to apply the appropriate amount of ultrasound energy to the treatment area, depending on where that may be. 

What is the training involved?

Basic ultrasound training is provided to all of our nurses at Angel Aesthetics. Specialty training is also given where our nurses learn to recognise certain signs on the ultrasound device that may show up on a patient. Ensuring the best course of treatment  is the next course of action once the ultrasound is done.

Why do you think it’s a good decision from a business perspective to introduce this service?

Bringing the ultrasound machine to the Angel Aesthetics clinics allows us to perform the most accurate and high quality services to our patients. Only two other clinics in South East Queensland have an ultrasound device available and Angel Aesthetics is now adding to this. 

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