10 Reasons ‘We’re Not A Beauty Salon’

As a dedicated media-spa or skin clinic, are you frustrated by clients referring to your business as a ‘beauty salon’? With the growing number of topline salons investing in contract and freelancer services like injectables and IV vitamin drips, we can understand where the confusion among consumers might be coming from. If you’d like to lay down the law and define the distinction between ‘salon’ and ‘clinic’, it may be worth taking a look at your branding, and the tactics you’re implementing to really educate consumers on your areas of specialty.

Sarah Hudson, Aesthetic Practitioner and owner of Skin by Sarah Hudson in Sydney’s Beecroft, recently took to Instagram to let her clients know that not all beauty-related businesses are made the same.

“Skin By Sarah Hudson – is not a beauty salon … in fact I don’t offer beauty treatments. What I do offer is a sophisticated aesthetic service that will actually give you results. My attention to detail is key to gaining an understanding of what is needed for your skin.”

We asked Sarah to delve deeper into the issue at hand, and give us 10 reasons to describe to clients exactly why you’re ‘not a beauty salon’.

  1. Aesthetic medicine provides the opportunity to achieve real skin solutions to specific concerns.
  2. Beauty facial treatments in a pampering relaxing environment are identified as a luxury treatment. They will only be sought-after when the client can afford the budget or time. The focus is not based around skin concerns or achieving specific results.
  3. 25+ years’ experience has given me the opportunity to ‘case study’ regular beauty treatments. Whilst they feel nice most beauty treatments cannot provide long term skin results, whereas aesthetic technology backed by clinical studies provides long-term results.
  4. Providing medi-aesthetic skin treatments has enabled me to refine my skills, knowledge and education and focus on one specific aspect – the skin!
  5. Advanced training and education opportunities have allowed me to embrace technologies that go beyond a beauty treatment: LED Phototherapy, Laser, IPL, RF micro-needling, Peptide Infusion, Plasma Pen Technology.
  6. Education of aesthetic medical devices is diverse, exciting, ever changing and allows the skin professional to enjoy an enhanced profile and reputation-based career.
  7. I have a clientele that spans over 25 years, I have needed to invest in technology in order for me to stay relevant to the changing needs of my client’s skins.
  8. Owning a medi-clinic and embracing aesthetic skin technology on a daily basis, I have the opportunity to spend my day working with different equipment and achieving real skin results.
  9. Complementing the aesthetic skin treatments I provide, I have ensured the environment my clients come to is chic, warm and inviting and embraces all aspects of Best Practice.
  10. Every day when I walk into my beautiful clinic, I never under estimate how lucky I am to work in an environment that I not only love, but that I have the opportunity to do what I love – that is bring out the natural beauty in the skin.


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