Dr Naomi Skincare Is Here To Brighten Up Your Life

The Meme Queen’s new skincare line features a proprietary brightening cocktail and shelfie-ready packaging.

Dr Naomi McCullum invited media to an intimate gathering yesterday to launch her highly anticipated skincare line, Dr Naomi Skin. The 18-piece range has been in the making for three years and, unlike many other ranges, centres around the principle of brightening skin. The Cosmetic Physician says she has always been most impressed by the results patients can achieve when prescribed the right skincare, especially those products that reduce pigmentation and reveal a clearer, brighter complexion, which is why her products include a ‘brightening cocktail blend’ fusing high-tech intelligence with science-backed ingredients, such as X50 Pure White, Centella Asiatica, and Pine Mushroom.

Dr Naomi with Editor Nadine Dilong

As with everything Dr Naomi does, she wants her skincare range to make people feel better about themselves. “What used to give me the most enjoyment in my job was when we passed patients a mirror and they would look at the change and be really grateful, happy, and they would just feel more at peace. You would just know that they would be more confident,” she says.

But of course, it wouldn’t be a Dr Naomi project if the products weren’t also beautiful to look at and perfect for social media. With a following of 309k on her Instagram account and daily entertainment in the form of memes poking fun at the aesthetics industry, Dr Naomi has become somewhat of a pop culture phenomenon, and she knows just how important social media can be for a brand. The skincare line comes in blue, pink, and silver metallic packaging with the serum canisters being refillable. All products are made from clean ingredients in Australia, and Dr Naomi has big dreams for the brand.

“We are hoping to partner with a global beauty retailer,” she says, which is why the team behind Dr Naomi Skin have made sure their products are compliant with regulations in the US and Asia, further adding to the time it took to create Dr Naomi Skin.

Dr Naomi Skin

The range is divided into six steps: Cleanse, Power Essence, Eyes Correct, Face Correct, Moistuise, Super Oil, and Protect. Each product belongs to one of three categories, EverySkin (for every skin type including sensitive), Fillerista (focusing on plumping and hydrating), and Rejuvenate (focusing on anti-ageing).

“I wanted to make Dr Naomi Skin sophisticated and effective in its action yet simple to use. I need those who use our range to enjoy their at-home skincare experience while achieving immaculate results.” We are sure we will, Dr Naomi.


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