Get To Know Our Speakers: Dr Naomi McCullum

If you haven’t already heard the exciting news, leading aesthetics industry titles SPA+CLINIC and Professional Beauty have joined forces to present their very first industry event, BEAUTY & SPA Insiders on May 27th – a unique summit for spa, salon and clinic practitioners and business owners alike.

Early Bird registrations are open until March 29th, and as we continue to announce our stellar line-up of industry speakers, we thought we’d give the chance to get to know them a little better before the big day.

Dr Naomi McCullum, from The Manse Clinic, will be presenting on the topic ‘Learning To Love Your Haters’. Dr Naomi is the founder of The Manse Clinic, a luxury skin and cosmetic clinic in Sydney. Her Instagram account is the most followed in the cosmetic medical industry in Australia. She is a pioneer in the field of non-surgical cosmetic medicine and has been regularly featured in the press for over a decade. Dr Naomi’s love affair with social media started when she created one of the world’s first and most successful cosmetic medical blogs in 2011. She is a writer, memer and ranter, whose days are spent creating content for her many social channels. She’s on the board of CPCA (Cosmetic Physician’s College of Australasia) and is their PR Officer, and is also an adviser to ACAM (Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine).

Tell us why you’re looking forward to speaking at BEAUTY & SPA Insiders
I’m looking forward to helping clinics and practitioners with their marketing and helping them love social media!

Tell us your daily routine in a nutshell
I wake up and create 2 posts for social, then I get a couple of power hours of admin work done at home, then I’ll go into the clinic and say hi, give jobs or discuss projects. I’ll usually video at least 1 patient a day, and I’ll create some more posts. I’ll go to my offsite office to do more work and then go out for dinner with my family and then either work or binge Netflix. I also go on every night looking for my next property.. Then I’ll read some military-espionage or similar thriller every night before bed.

What is your favourite treatment/procedure to perform and why?
I’m non clinical now, but I just loved doing face design and planning and executing a complete makeover with a whole new face 🙂 I loved it because of the impact on the person’s life.

Your greatest accomplishment to date?
Getting a really amazing team together by doing things differently to the rest of the industry, The Manse is a very unique business and is the only true luxury cosmetic clinic brand in Australia. Building all of this while being lucky enough to have kids and my little family unit made up of good and kind people 🙂 However my first love and biggest achievement is not in cosmetic, but in real estate!

Anything you would chose to redo or take back?
Not really but I have wondered what it would have been like to go into big business investment debt instead of what I did, which was go into big real estate investment debt. I wonder what might have been had I chosen that path instead…

Name 3 things you would choose to have with you if trapped on a deserted island
A packed Kindle, Netflix and my barista

Name a song that has had an effect on your life
There’s 2. Nas “One More Dance” which is about Nas losing his mum and celebrating her amazingness, and wishing he could have just one more dance. My mum has metastatic lymphoma, which is the saddest part of my life. I’m a tough person, but my one “weakness” is how much I love my mum, and Nas is the same.

The second is “Thugs Mansion” by Tupac, which talks about growing up having a hard life. It’s also about redemption, having hope, and also imagining a place of peace after death…. My life wasn’t the easiest as a child, so it really speaks to me.

Sorry, just realised I’m a bit morbid with my 2 death related songs!!!

If you were a shoe, what would you be and why?
I’d probably be the latest and cutest luxury brand sneaker. I’d love to be a high heel, but you are what you are!

What is the next step for you and your business?
We’re opening a second clinic in the CBD, purely because we’ve run out of physical space in our Paddington clinic. I have been approached by people in other states interested in The Manse having interstate franchises. I have built a skincare marketplace website that’s like Amazon (yeah I know, dream big LOL), my skincare brand will be the home brand of the site. My dream is to grow that online business to amazing heights 🙂

With my team of doctors, I would like to create The Manse U (The Manse University), a cosmetic medicine and business course.

Most loved AND most hated industry trends you’ve seen throughout your career?
Love that stick skinny bodies are out (only because I can now be in fashion LOL). Hated that disgraceful Aussie trend of poor placement of cheek filler, really low and medial, so ugly. Saw injectors at conferences perpetrating that ridiculous look all the time, it was so awful….

What do you do to energize, and to wind down?
I’m a big TV binger. High quality, Crime dramas, True crime, Scandi crime, good docos etc. No reality for me 🙂 Also I read every night. I’m naturally a bit of a hyper person, I need to calm down more than I need to energize. I get rid of my energy by creating on social media constantly.

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