Interior Inspo: Claire Francoise

We understand you may feel this isn’t relevant for you right now while your business is closed – but there is an end to this pandemic. Now is the perfect time to strategise for that time, and start planning your future initiatives that you want to focus on once your doors are back open. And we are here to help you not only get through this difficult time, but come out even stronger on the other side.

Are you maximising your visual styling in order to create the perfect first impression for your spa or clinic? Looks can play a larger role in your business’ overall success than you might think, and unfortunately for today’s ‘Instagram consumer’ as well as those wanting a more immersive experience that is also visually engaging, it’s no longer just about the quality of the services you offer.

For this reason, we regularly chat to business owners whose clinics have that wow-factor the moment you walk through the doors, delving into their inspirations and visions for their spa or clinic’s stunning looks and vibes.

For this instalment, we chat to Claire Francoise, Director of her namesake skin & body clinic in Prahran, Melbourne.

How did you come up with your clinic’s aesthetic?

I’ve always loved the look and feel of the glamorous European beauty parlours from the 1920s, timeless and chic yet functional. I wanted to capture that environment for my clients so I enlisted Melbourne interior designer David Hicks to bring my inspiration to life.

Taking cues from the era, we used a lot of polished brass detailing, bevelled mirrors and ribbed glass, with French-inspired chairs and studded couches to really add a touch of glamour and exclusivity to the space. Clients often ask about the polished pink marble product counter and reception desk, which is a really unique eye-catching feature.

The installation of the custom detailed Bisazza mosaic wall which was based around our salon’s colour scheme and was inspired by our custom-made lime lustre hot wax. David really captured my vision and brought out my dream space using unique quality materials and textures.

What did you want the style to say about you?
I think the style of our salon is very reflective of my meticulous nature and inspired approach to creating a lasting impression and lasting relationship with our clients.

My purpose is to really focus on making clients look and feel the very best version of themselves. It’s about bringing out clients’ natural beauty and enhancing their unique aesthetic.

We’re all about quality, value and honesty in all our services – we spend so much time in this space, it had to reflect my true passion and desire to offer something unique.

What do you want clients to feel upon entering the space?

When you step into our salon our goal is to allow you to leave behind the hustle and bustle and stresses of your day and instantly feel comfortable and relaxed.  Time spent in our salon should be ‘me time’. 

As a skin and beauty salon, it goes without saying that aesthetics play a vital role in setting the standard and tone for our treatments. But equally important is the sound and smell of the salon to for the overall experience, so we pay close attention to the type of music played and the scents and aromas used within our salon.

How large a role do your stocked brands’ aesthetics play within your clinic?

We recently changed our brand and it took us nearly six months to find a brand we felt we aligned with wholeheartedly, both from an aesthetics and results point of view. I wanted a brand that I felt fit with my requirements; firstly it had to be Australian, results-orientated, include excellent education, as well as super supportive and had a great presence within the Australian market. We couldn’t have been happier with the transition, becoming Ultraceuticals exclusive has been second to none and of course looks great! 

What kind of feedback do you receive from clients?

Clients often get a little shocked when they step in the space. We’re often being told ‘I wasn’t expecting this!’. It always gives me goose bumps and great pride, because I so want my clients to feel valued, and the aesthetics is helping to establish what I am wanting them to feel: special and looked after with care. Honesty and integrity are our foundation.

Any favourite decor and/or furniture items?

The marble & banquette with its mirrored glass panels and brass.  If I could take the marble home with me I would. I am always touching it! It’s just stunning and brings the aesthetics of the place together. This space is my dream space and I am very blessed to be able to do what I love within a space that reflects my twenty-two years of passion.

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