Catherine Biedermann On Her Career, Learnings, And Impressive Brand Portfolio

“It’s incredibly exciting to be a part of an industry that sees growth and development based on science and research.”

SPA+CLINIC sits down with Catherine Biedermann, Managing Director of Advanced Cosmeceuticals, to learn more about her iconic brand portfolio, her key career learnings as MD, and our wonderful, evolutionary industry.

Catherine Biedermann

What was your vision when launching Advanced Cosmeceuticals in 2006?
When I set up Advanced Cosmeceuticals in 2006, my vision was to establish a reputable and reliable company that would become a trusted name within the industry. It was always my aim to build a company founded on good ethics and integrity and I am proud to say I believe we have achieved this. The combination of providing scientifically proven, results-driven brands in conjunction with a team who provide a level of client service that goes above and beyond has proven to be a winning formula.

What is the process like for selecting brands to come on board?
All brands are carefully selected based on their performance and results. There is extensive research conducted prior to introducing a brand to our stable – from meetings with CEO’s, visiting head office, lab premises and ensuring that the brand’s philosophy, research and development is in line with our company’s. Advanced Cosmeceuticals represents brands from all over the globe that are deemed high performing with proven results, all with the backing of science and research.

What have been the business’ three greatest achievements to date?
1. My amazing team at Advanced Cosmeceuticals is certainly one of my greatest achievements. I feel very privileged to have a team that are so loyal and independently hardworking. I find myself inspired by them on a daily basis and we really are like a family.
2. The brands we represent and the people behind them is something I am exceptionally proud of. Our portfolio of high performance skincare brands and medical devices that are scientifically proven and trusted by clinics and consumers is what Advanced Cosmeceuticals is reputed for.
3. We have weathered the many changes and challenges the industry has undergone over the last 14 years – from keeping abreast of advances in technology and developments in treatments, increased competition, changes in consumer behaviour and of course, adapting to the demands of online shopping while ensuring our bricks and mortar clients were supported at every level.

What are three of your most important learnings so far as Managing Director?
1. Work as hard as your team and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. While it’s important to oversee the entire operation from the top, it’s also important that the team see you work just as hard as them on the ground.
2. Embrace every opportunity to learn and grow within an industry that is constantly evolving. Be adaptable and be prepared for change.
3. Don’t micro-manage people. Employ skilled people to do their jobs and trust that they will do just that.

Tell us about your current brand portfolio
Our current brand portfolio comprises of Medik8, mesoestetic, CALECIM Professional, ActivLayr, Lycogel, DNA Renewal, Skindinavia and we also have an exciting new skincare brand launching later this year. We also represent Lutronic aesthetic medical devices as well as Brera, Antera 3D and Silhouet-Tone.
What Advanced Cosmeceuticals offers is a comprehensive solution that can be tailored for all clinics, whether they choose to stock one brand or more. We have ensured that the brands we represent are positioned differently within the market as they target different audiences and offer different treatment approaches.
The skincare brands also complement the aesthetic medical devices. For instance, CALECIM Professional, which is powered by ethically sourced red deer cord-lining stem cells, is clinically proven to help accelerate post-procedure healing and minimise downtime – great for clinic, great for patient.
Our multi-layered approach which offers a range of efficacious skincare/treatments combined with amazing devices places us in an incredibly fortunate position. We make it convenient for the clinic as they know they can rely on us to provide them with well rounded support but they also know the brands we represent provide their patients with clinically proven results.

Any favourite brands or products you use yourself?
I actually use all the brands on myself as I think it’s important to back what you represent. There are different products throughout the different brands that work well on my skin so I like to use them all without picking a favourite.

Tell us about your typical day in a nutshell
A typical day, if I’m not at a conference, interstate or overseas, starts early with a visit to the gym. I am an active person and this sets me up for the day. While I enjoy my first morning coffee, I am on the phone to our interstate BDMs. When I get into the office, I have meetings with our CFO, Project Manager, Brand Managers and HR. The rest of my day varies but includes responding to emails, phone calls with clients and organising interstate visits to connect with key clients. I also ensure I connect with our overseas suppliers, reviewing new products and exploring brands that could potentially be added to our portfolio. At the end of the day I relax with a nice dinner and glass of wine and do my best to switch off.

What do you love most about our industry?
I love that it’s ever evolving – from constant developments in skincare formulations to advanced technology of aesthetic devices. It’s incredibly exciting to be a part of an industry that sees growth and development based on science and research. I also feel honoured that I get to meet the innovators behind these brands, and learn what drives them. Each brand has a different philosophy that always stems back to its founders.
Having been in the industry for 14 years now and learning to adapt with the constant changes has also been an exciting part of the journey. Embracing the challenges, has enabled Advanced Cosmeceuticals to go from strength to strength in terms of the brands we represent and our positioning within the market.

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