Is Genetic Testing The Key To Finding The Right Skincare?

Skinstitut has launched a new service allowing clients to take a DNA test to uncover how their genetics impact their skin.

What if you could tell your clients *with certainty* that a particular product is perfect for their skin? That is now a possibility thanks to a new partnership between genetic testing and skincare.

Skinstitut has teamed up with myDNA to create a DNA kit to help individuals uncover how their genetics impact how they age. It was designed to take the guesswork off finding skincare, and in doing this, it looks like the swab test might stay around longer than we hoped. This time, the circumstances are much better.

The process is simple. Consumers can order the kit through Skinstitut for $99 and send off their swab for laboratory evaluation. They will then receive their results through an easy-to-understand online portal and tailored skincare recommendations for their skin type. It’s confidential, and the individual can request their sample be destroyed after the test.

This service is currently only available through the Skinstitut website, but there are plans to roll it out into clinics very soon. However, the test only uncovers information about genetics, meaning the skincare recommendations do have their limits. The service is best paired with a therapist who can look at the skin in its current state and treat the visual concerns like acne or rosacea accordingly. Then the myDNA information can help to plan proactively for the future. It’s the best of both worlds.

In a chat with Skinstitut’s Global Marketing Manager, Zoe Devine, over Zoom, she believes the partnership is a game-changer to help therapists prescribe skincare for their clients. A recommendation from a therapist who has years of experience in skincare backed by data led information is a proposition that is hard to query. In a market full of fads, factual information from myDNA helps cut through what is necessary and what isn’t. Could this be the beginning of ultra-personalised skincare? In this instance, we can’t make that claim with certainty, but we sure are curious.

Would you be interested in using genetic testing in your clinic to help your skincare recommendations? Let us know in the comments below.


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