Vida Glow Launches Women’s Health Range

Vida Glow utilises leading ingestible expertise to target female health concerns.

It is estimated that globally, around 1% of healthcare research and innovation is invested in female specific conditions beyond oncology. Recognising female health is under-researched and underserved, Vida Glow has introduced Women’s Health, a range of health supplements meticulously formulated specifically for women based on their unique physiological requirements. Being a leader in science-backed ingestible beauty, Vida Glow has been at the forefront of ingestible innovation disrupting the market with their internationally renowned and clinically proven Natural Marine Collagen and Advanced Repair capsules, proving the potency of a cellular approach to skin care and beauty.

Now, Vida Glow applies its female-first, concern-solution approach to the health category with the launch of four female focused health supplements, scientifically formulated and rooted in clinical evidence.

Introducing Women’s Health, including Gut Pro, De-Stress, Multi 360 and Prenatal+. With Vida Glow Women’s Health supplements, women can expect formulations at therapeutic doses to make a real difference to gut and intimate health, stress and anxiety, general health/immunity, and preconception/prenatal health.

With passionate mother of four, Anna Lahey, at Vida Glow’s helm and a 95% female customer base, Vida Glow understands what women need from their daily routines to support healthy living and better wellbeing.

“Women are underserved when it comes to health products that are designed for them. At Vida Glow, we want to be able to serve the evolving needs of women and provide effective solutions for their most pressing concerns so that they can feel their best – every day.”
Anna Lahey, Vida Glow Founder

A closer look at the Women’s Health range:

  • Gut Pro – Vida Glow Gut Pro is a once-daily powerful multi-strain probiotic with clinically studied actives that restore gut flora and maintain female intimate health. Relieving symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort and bloating while supporting digestion and vaginal pH.
  • De-Stress – fast-acting, chewable liquid burstlet that relieves symptoms of stress and mild anxiety. Formulated with a clinically studied active that helps to address immediate stress and moderate the body’s physiological response to stress long-term.
  • Prenatal+ – once-daily advanced 2-in-1 prenatal supplement to support preconception and pregnancy. Scientifically formulated with key micronutrients, including activated folate, B6 for morning sickness relief and vegan DHA, to support maternal health and foetal development.
  • Multi 360 – Coming soon – arriving in June!
    A once-daily super-strength multivitamin that supports the female body’s overall function. With 2-in-1 soft gel technology, high-impact actives and essential nutrients are delivered for complete immunity, energy and general health support.

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