Why Shared Spaces Are the New Trend for Aesthetic Businesses

Ever wondered how to step into your own business, but with a budget and ease of set up in mind?

As we’ve previously shared, the number of solo operator and entrepreneurs opening their own clinics in residential spaces is on the rise. Despite concerns about the current economic climate and increasing costs of living, individuals in the beauty, spa and aesthetics industry are continuing to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations.

One way this is being combatted is the rise of shared spaces, much like Cosmetic Laneway, a one-stop beauty destination based in Melbourne. From injectables to hair services, the multi-business site serves as a mecca destination for clients and customers.

“Cosmetic Laneway offers a wide range of beauty services in the one convenient location. You no longer have to visit a range of salons and clinics to meet your full list of beauty needs. Whether you’ve booked in for hair, cosmetic injectables, lashes, or tattoo and much more, we’ve got you covered.”

Cosmetic Laneway
We caught up with Melissa Zonneveld (pictured), Managing Director of Cosmetic Laneway, to find out more about why she opened her business, and what benefits come with renting a space within.

Melissa, what inspired you to open Cosmetic Laneway? 

I was inspired to open up Cosmetic Laneway to create a space for all women to come together. Providing a space and opportunity for like-minded business women to develop, grow and empower one another. The concept of a one stop shop brings all beauty expertise to the one convenient location where women can easily access and attend to all their beauty needs in a trusted environment. 

How do you structure the rental aspect of the business with those looking to rent a room? Can you share with us the breakdown?

The contracts of Cosmetic Laneway is set out to rent on a month by month bases. There is no lock in contracts if the space is found not to be suitable to an a individual specifically. The cost varies depending on the service provided and space required within Cosmetic Laneway. 

How do you envision to see Cosmetic Laneway expand? 

Cosmetic Laneway is already on the up scale of expanding its second location in Mentone and is expecting to open towards the end of 2024. 

Paige Primavera, Founder and Dermal Therapist at Deluxe Dermal, operates within Cosmetic Laneway, and we also caught up with her to find out from a therapist’s perspective on the benefits of operating within a sub-lease space.

Paige, what led you to open your business in a shared space versus finding your own clinic space?

I desperately wanted to work for myself but I knew after purchasing my first home that it was going to be a while before I could come up with the finances to lease or buy a shopfront clinic. I also didn’t feel that setting up a room from home would align with my aspirations or suit the clinical side of what I do so I needed a stepping stone option.

Cosmetic Laneway appealed to me so much because it was a beautiful new space and the owner, Mel allowed me to customise the fit-out of the room to fit my exact wants and needs.

What do you find some of the benefits are for those looking to start their own skin/aesthetic business by opening in a shared/rent a room space? 

At Cosmetic Laneway I feel like I can have my cake and eat it too. I can grow my business and my clients without the stress and pressure of paying overheads. The biggest benefit has definitely been the support from the other businesses though.

Not only do we cross refer our clients to each other, the girls are all so helpful and insightful. We speak openly of our business ups and downs, offer marketing and accounting advise and they even help my regulars purchase their skincare when I’m not there.

There have been a few collaborations between businesses along the way and my Instagram always gets more attention thanks to the Cosmetic Laneway social media account. Having a good nurse on site also compliments my business because Mel can address certain concerns that I can not and vice versa. 

What plans do you have for the future with Deluxe Dermal?

My goals are to continue growing my clientele and upgrading my equipment as the business develops. In the quieter months I have plans to collaborate more with some of the newer businesses to boost our traffic and I am building up the confidence to run some skincare workshop events and create my first ebook for mature and menopausal clients.

Although I still hope to have a shopfront of my own some day, I can see a lot of benefits and growth under Cosmetic Laneway in the future.

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