Should Your Spa Be Embracing Touch-Free Services?

Covid-19 saw the rise of touch-free services that increased capacity without added liability. But are these treatments still wanted in a post-pandemic world?  

It’s well reported that people crave human touch and missed the tactile aspects of skin and body treatments when at-home options surged during lockdown. An at-home facial, or even a massage from your partner, can’t quite live up to the touch of a professional.

However, many spas who adapted to the call for contactless treatments when safety protocols and social distancing was introduced, continue to see a rise in requests for these solo experiences.  

Changing attitudes toward touch are one thing. But it’s the ability to service more clients with your existing team that make these touch-free services valuable. Plus, many mindfulness, wellness and body treatments are a chance to disconnect, and the solidarity of these services is half the experience.

So, how can you introduce touch-free services to your spa?

Meditation Areas

What was once a practice only for the deeply spiritual has come cool. Take this new luxury meditation concept in Melbourne’s CBD, for example. Meditation is an increasingly popular practice and can cater to clients from all walks of life with little investment needed to add it onto your service menu.

Infrared Saunas

Infrared sauna pods provide plenty of body benefits and modern iterations can be quite inconspicuous. Clients can enjoy the relaxing effects of detoxification and muscle recovery without the need for your team to be leading the treatment. They are fully functional through the touch of a button and can serve as a stand-alone or add-on service.

LED Light Treatments

Spas and wellness centres are beginning to embrace the concept of self-service areas that include treatments like LED light facials. Clients can come in and sit straight down for their 30-minute session with staff only needing to press start. Adding these treatments on to other services is also a good way to free up your team’s time while increasing your capacity if you’re not a fan of the self-service idea.  

For more contactless treatment ideas, have a look at this article from our print magazine:


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