Is Your Spa Winter Ready?

Take a deep breath. We are now half way through 2018. Before you know it, you’ll be gearing up for tax returns, racing carnivals and the dreaded day the supermarkets begin displaying Christmas decorations. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s live in the now (which is unfortunately a cold and miserable Australian winter) and make sure we’ve added all of those special touches to ensure your spa, salon or clinic is as comfortable and welcoming as it possibly can be.

Protective Skincare
As was autumn, winter is just as much an ideal time to upsell protective products for soothing or shielding skin from harsh weather, reactiveness, itchiness or sensitivity. Have your barrier creams, lip balms, redness serums and hydrating mists at the ready.

Sadly, there aren’t any other major public holidays to speak of until spring, but make sure you still factor in school and university holidays when considering running any specials, which will mostly take place around July. Don’t underestimate the value of student offers – despite common misconception, Gen Z have the disposable income and shouldn’t be forgotten (catch more info on how to target Gen Z in our August print issue!)

Create A Welcoming Environment
Getting clients out of the house and into the treatment rooms is a much tougher feat in winter, particularly when the sun begins to set and the temperature drops even before close of business. Ensure you provide a snug escape for clients, and give them a reason to leave the comfort of their homes. Have warm beverages at the ready upon entry, or better yet set up a tea area for clients to help themselves, place plenty of plush throws throughout your waiting area, and provide somewhere safe for visitors to leave their coats and umbrellas. Don’t forget to let clients know about your cosy oasis on your social media!

Warmth During Treatment
As pleasant as the temperature in your treatment rooms may be, clients can often still feel quite uncomfortable during facials, body treatments or massages, as the water from the treatment evaporates or the heated massage medium begins to cool. Combat this by dressing your treatment beds with electric blankets – your clients will love being enveloped in a warm cocoon. Otherwise you could consider incorporating items such as wheat bags or heated mitts for extra comfort.