Digital Detox; Should Your Spa Be A Tech-Free Zone?

In the modern era when life is lived online, is ditching devices and outlawing screen time a viable move for your spa?  

If you were to believe the headlines, you’d know that screen time is one of the biggest healthcare risks of modern times. We must admit, the constant warnings and endless studies can seem a little dramatic, but research is consistently showing that the hours we’re spending in front of our digital devices is significantly impacting stress levels and our mental health. It should go without saying the impact isn’t so positive.

Between endless inboxes and the infamous Instagram scroll that’s ready and waiting with more and more new content every second, it can be hard to say no to your devices.

While social media and the digital world can be one of your spa’s biggest assets, limiting its use by your guests before and during treatment time could create a much-needed break and be the perfect complement to your services.

The benefits go beyond the obvious wellness and mindfulness elements. A tech-free zone can encourage social interaction in common areas like waiting rooms, saunas or pool areas. There’s also the added benefit of increased privacy in the minds of your clients who fear being caught in the back of someone’s social snap.

So, how can you enforce a digital detox in your spa?

Don’t be afraid to tell your clients no screens

You always want your guests to feel welcomed and free to enjoy your experience how they choose, but without a little push, many won’t take the initiative to switch of their screens and stay away from the scroll. A subtle sign at your reception desk and friendly reminder in their booking reminder email or text is a friendly way to let them know your spa is a place to disconnect.

Get savvy with social media

User generated content (UGC) is one of the biggest draws of clients being on their phones in your spa. From snaps during treatments to those interior shots that spark envy online, UGC is valuable for your social strategy. So, you’ll have to think ahead. Consider gifting an experience to a local influencer who can create content to use on your social platforms or enlist your family and friends and build up a bank of content to repost.

For clients who really want to share a snap of their experience online, you can offer to take it for them during their skin treatment so they can simply sit back and relax.

Offer stimulating distractions

Background meditation music may not be enough to keep your clients off their phones when at your spa so offering a stimulating distraction can help them go tech-free. Think about creating a podcast playlist filled with confidence inducing listens or stop past your local bookstore to pick up an industry related biography or self-development book.

Do you allow devices at your business? Let us know in the comments.


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